Increasing Evaporation in Ocean to Defeat Droughts

One way to increase evaporation in the ocean might be to use a frequency wave, which can change the molecular bonding or to align water molecules for faster evaporation rates. Such systems have been used in high tech water filtration. There appears to be more evaporation in the ocean in times when the water is more violent in its movement.

A thought therefore would be to have the white capes of the waves that reach a certain height or point to be hit with a high-powered sound wave or perhaps a laser. The ocean spray from the crests would therefore have re-aligned water molecules and thus the bonding between water and salt would be gone. This would have to be done during normally hot sunny days with choppy seas to easily evaporate the water mist, thus providing instant clouds from normal evaporation principles, the clouds flow as normal from relative winds aloft and onshore air flows. On days for non-temperature inversions these clouds would make it over mountain ranges near the coasts. These clouds with high moisture content would make it to areas where we need rain. Where? Well how about the Nevada desert, Central Valley CA, High Desert Areas, AZ or Mono Lake during non rainy times of year when water supplies are low? The desert tortoise would thank you.

Now then let us take a hostile country which is at war with the United States or our allies. Sending in the heavy laiden moisture and thunder clouds into the region where you wish to force your political in advance of a first reciprocol response would serve us well, would it not? Weather control definitely has it’s advantages in the future of warfare?

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