Rule of Thumb For Exporting Technology

Rule of Thumb for exporting technology. The American People need piece of mind to get this economy moving. We should never export anything, which can be used as a weapon against the American people or our close allies, which we in fact cannot defeat quickly and effortlessly. Such as F-16’s with electronic warfare components, Phoenix Missile Systems, Smart Bombs, UAVs, Small Pox Viruses. (Yep Ft. Detrich, want to read a scary book? Try Cobra Event and Hot Spot and the new one The Demon in the Freezer).

There is no excuse to give away technology or viruses, which can be combined with other technologies to produce weapons of mass destructions. WMDs are too common already and we cannot assume that today an ally will be a foe tomorrow. You guys ought to be up on this stuff and need not wait until you are warned by fiction writers such as Richard Preston, Tom Clancy or others to get you act in gear. Why is it that this careless stuff is happening? You have foreign scientists going through the annals of the Library of Congress, reading 1000’s of pages a day from the PTO and we allow exports of technology to literally 155 countries? Who on Earth is watching these things. We get mad a Boeing and other component manufacturers for selling aluminum tubing and then in Washington freely respond to inquiries which are not verified? What is going on? Half of Washington D.C. is afraid of an attack meanwhile “those fine people in government” put us at risk?

Please spare me the Yellow, red, pink, color pastel finger paints. With the extra money we are spending to fight terrorism we are coming up with some dandy technologies which will spill into the private sector and create jobs, security, increased quality of life, efficiency for profits and so many benefits for mankind, yet those technologies used for DARPA’s next wave, should be lock and key baby. No way in, no way out. As technology gets smaller it will be harder to detect and easier to conceal, and even more potent with the right enemy. We must slow the flow of technologies to potential adversaries and increase our forward momentum of offensive efforts to seek out and kill the enemy and make examples of them so others in those countries do not come calling. Shoulder launched SAM technologies, RF Bullet devises, etc, cannot fall into enemy hands until we have technologies to defeat them.

There are hundreds of technologies that we are developing now that are very efficient to defend our population, but without counter measures, we could get into trouble. Pay attention people. Half way is no way to run this country. If you are serious about the safety of the American People, then how come that message has not permeated the staffers and fine folks in government at the lower levels? Just some thoughts on this safety game, color scheme and reality check.

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