Cloning; The Possibilities and Advantages of Thought Swapping

We can all see the issues involved in the cloning debate, which go much deeper than religion; the real debate has to do with evolutions process of a self-replicating organic machine, human beings, and the future of science and the species. There will be power shifts in economic status amongst ruling elite, political families, etc along with issues of entanglement, connected brains and communication abilities in the future. Discussing issues with individuals or entire groups of clones will be done with telepathic thought transfer, which will definitely be beneficial to the group dynamics and forward progression.

We know that identical twins know what the other is thinking, clones will be even closer and will be able to communicate by thought transfer. This will help the clone family immensely and give them significant advantages over the non-clone families. As Arthur C Clark talked about in his science fiction articles of quantum thought transfer and groups of connected people with devices, such cloned groups could do this without the use of devices. We are already seeing the beginnings of connected groups in the recent invention of the Flash Mobs, Latest Cell Phone 3G+ technologies, DoCoMo mobile phone Japanese teen users.


Businesses and wireless from the beginnings of Ricochet, Research in Motion and others are seeing this too. Today in the Mobile Planet, Dell, HP, and Gateway Catalogs and on the shelves of Radio Shack, Circuit City and Best Buy we see the trends of these technologies moving forward. Technology is supplying the needs and desires of corporations, small business and individuals as we humans flock to groups, social groupings and satisfy another innate need, which is placed well within our genes. The need of socialization with our fellow man has been discussed by philosophers, poets, and psychology professors throughout our human history. It takes but one viewing of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Pyramid to shake one’s head in affirmation to that truth. It takes but one PBS special of Jane Goodales work with Chimpanzees or the Mutual of Omaha “Wild Kingdom” shows or one tape in the video series of Jacque Custeau to see that this innate need is not merely one possessed by mankind. It seems to be a universal truth of most all species on the Planet. Those species, which communicate better with each other are able to propel themselves and the group to a higher standard of living. Either through communication in hunting, task organization, teaching or information transfers. Super Cloned Families will have this ability and will use it without hesitation to serve self or selves of their clan, family or group.

One point, which is not discussed very much in cloning, is that the copies might be better able to communicate between themselves than the originator to the copies. This would mean that if the originator had strong egocentric desires within it’s genes then those attributes would be passed onto the copies. Therefore the copies in communication with each other would most likely wish to attain for themselves what the originator has, control over the group. Will they plot against their originator or master? Acting like Machevellian Royalty which has been well documented?

This is typical in the ladder climbing aspects of the corporation or as we are seeing in Donald Trump series “You’re Fired” to trash on your fellow contestant to get ahead. If all the clones knew what each other was thinking and all knew they could not be the top dog, that only one could, then the manipulation would be fierce and the ones who could hide their thoughts from the rest of the group better could go along with the group, yet also be against the group by dividing their minds into two separate sets of thought processes, which should be relatively easy since the human brain comes in two-parts and the intelligence needed for manipulation and deception is well documented.

We know from studying history of slave revolts that often the larger slave group to the rulers through cooperation could over power the rulers. These dynamics would ensue within a clone family as well if each person was not treated with the equal of the originator. Yet we know from mankind that even that alone is not enough, as someone in the group always wants more. Plato had discussed in the Republic that everyone in a society should do what they are best at and be alleviated from those tasks that they are not good at. This serves both the whole and the individual best. Could a clone family do that? Probably not, because they are so closely related and would have such similar attributes that they would be without superior skills in many of the tasks. So then would it be better to have many families of clones which worked together, such as a family of cloned accountants, engineers, scientists and entrepreneurs? All different families but working together for their mutual benefit in alliances? Yes, that would work if they worked together, but we already have that in the modern corporations. Of which Plato would surely smile on such an evolved way of doing things from such a simple set of writings.

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