Will Cloning of Super Families Lead to Slavery

If slavery has not worked well, then cloning if it heads down the path of clones being considered less than equal could spell disaster for the future of humanity. Yet if there was a limit on the number of clones, then one could transfer their thoughts to the next clone and thus all the knowledge and experiences of mankind would not be lost in each period due to the people who perished in the previous period. However cloning is an advanced technology from our current position and the extension of life is also closely related in that one could simply repair and replace organs and continue living and there would be no need to clone, simply continue living until you were tired of living, have a clone and call Dr. Kervorkian or sign up for the next war, dangerous sport or international conflict.

It appears that if mankind does decide to clone and then makes those clones any lesser to any degree than the originator then the whole thing starts over again. If the originator aspires to be top dog then the clones will have those thoughts and wish to over power the originator. If the clones are all considered the originator then the possibility for future stability is much greater. If all humans were considered God and all of the same then no one would be trying to become god as they were already considered such. In the case of cloning all the clones would be considered the originator and therefore no lesser, this would imply that the copies are in fact perfect copies and therefore there should be no clone considered the lesser or to be ruled over another in the family of clones. Can we make perfect copies through cloning? Science says yes, in time we will be able to do just that. Great but right now it appears we cannot. Are we prepared to experiment with cloning and make not perfect copies, mistakes, and cause irreversible problems for the clone? In the US it appears we now have some laws preventing scientists from practicing cloning by law. In other countries they are currently trying and will most likely continue to try until they get it right.

Cloning is coming and even if the United States says “life is not for sale” that does not mean a nearby country will not become the cloning capital of the world. Whether we choose to face these issues now, sooner or later we will. Think about it.

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