Without Trucks America Stops

Do you ever wonder how everything gets to the super markets? It came by truck. Some items come from half way around the world. First by ship or plane in a container, then loaded on rail or truck and dropped at a depot, then resorted and taken to the store. Everything goes to the store in boxes and leaves in your SUV in small containers via a shopping cart or plastic bag thru the check out and parking lot.

Recently products have been available online and are delivered to your doorstep thru the use of a B2C website; still they get to the distribution center by truck. The final delivery is by delivery van of course but still it takes a truck. Most grocery stores have home shopping websites now or at least are trying them out in certain areas. Online Grocery Stores Sites are available thru; Safeway-Vons Stores, Albertson’s, HEB, Piggly Wiggly and Publix. These operate similar to online book stores like; Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Borders .Com. Even though you order it without going to the store, it still needs a truck to get it there. If you order something by mail from eBay and it comes via USPS; the post office has trucks too. Just like FedEx and UPS. Office Depot, Office Max and Staples all have online sales, which use a combination of 18-wheelers and delivery vans to get the products to you.

No matter what you buy or how you perceive it gets to you, it came by truck. If the trucks stop then you cannot get the goods, the food, the fuel; you cannot make anything, build anything or create anything. You would have no job, no furniture, no TV or refrigerator. Everything would stop and life as you know it would too. It is for this reason you should smile and be kind to truck drivers, give them the right away when you can and wave using all five fingers. There is no way around it, if the trucks stop so does America. Think about it.

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