Pilot-Less and High Speed Train Transportation Systems; Better Strategy Needed

We recently saw another ferry accident, this one in NY when the pilot of the vessel fell asleep, which may have been a medical situation or condition, but never the less, accidents like these would be prevented by pilot-less transit systems. This would be no problem with modern technology. We know in the future this will be an accepted method and fully safe.

Today we will see a union propaganda road show with the media incited fear in our citizenry to protect their jobs through a blocking of these future technologies in the near term. Through self-interests and political action committee donations to politicians and their decision makers on ‘K Street” by lobbying union groups we see a slowing of these technologies to market. This is unfortunate for mankind and the transportation advancements in this present period. All to often such linear decision-making hurts the process of incremental betterment for all.

We have the technology now, which will improve safety, prevent hi-jacks from International Terrorists, improve operational costs by a pre-controlled perfect trip programmed settings. Also brought to the table by these innovations are lower labor, energy and fuel costs. With the increase of work place shootings of former fired workers, even if such technologies were set in motion, we might have displaced union workers try to sabotage these systems and then the first accident of a pilot-less train would get intense media coverage dwarfing the OJ Simpson, Kobe Bryant, Scott Peterson or Michael Jackson Court Trails.

We often see pet projects, which make no sense, being built. Much of the time it is through carefully orchestrated media and public relations releases, which insight public out cry to build such a project. In the end the failed project also adversely affect the public trust in smart and vital transportation projects of the future. One interesting pet project we studied was a Vermont Bill to have a high speed rail from Boston to Montpelier the capital of Vermont, well this is absolutely silly considering only about 8000 people live in Montpelier, VT and most of them are lawyers, politicians, small business owners and crystal meth drug addicts. All they project would do is bring in cheaper illegal drugs and shuttle law making lawyers back and forth to Boston for dinner and Opera or high society brunches. That’s a wonderful use of tax payers monies? Go get em’ Vermont?

Now if the project included New Hampshire’s capital and traveled up to Burlington VT and the University; and down to Boston, you might be able to justify it, but weather issues would be a big deal in winter. But if it were built it could seriously help Vermont and New Hampshire Tourism, but the distance is not great and a regular train would suffice.

No matter how technologically advanced a transportations system is, it must be reality based, well thought out and removed from the political arena to work. In this present period we cannot trust mankind to properly use such transportation technology or to design his own transportations systems. We need less linear thought and a better over all strategy. Think about it.

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