Environmentalism and Roads in Our Forests

Many environmentalists are against roads through the forest because it could disrupt wildlife, hunting areas for other mammals. They also worry about the affect on all the species living there. Mankind generally from a historical perspective has not been all that kind to the natural surroundings. We have seen this even in Indian Cultures, which had been thought to take care of the land, yet on further scrutiny used the land and left debris and litter from their activities. Archeologists have seen this on all continents so it is not a negative statement about our American Indians, for they are some of the finest tribes ever to walk the face of the planet.

We should be worried about the pollution from fires even though it is natural, because that too affects the air flows and climate. One way to fight these smaller fires, but certainly not all of them would be to remove the underbrush and smaller trees to keep the forest healthy and happy. This would simulate the smaller fires, by removing the smaller underbrush. There is much debate on this topic to say the least. Now then if we have few roads to fight fires or to bring in the logistical supplies necessary to fight them it could certainly help. It would also make it easier to remove the smaller trees and underbrush and use it for things like paper and building materials. The government is not going to stop producing paperwork any time soon.

Since firefighters like armies move on their stomachs and have bodily needs such as sleep, food, shelter and clothing? They need a way in and a safe way out. Due to the potential for fires shifting direction and firefighters being cut off from supply lines, the more roads the better. Since it takes years to put in roads necessary for such inevitabilities, fires must be fought from the air. And we have hap hazardously done this. Although we have not given the same level of budgetary concern for a combatable situation that Mother Nature casts upon us every time a huge lightening storm passes overhead.

The debate rages on. Do we build roads to remove the underbrush and allow us to fight the fires? Or do we allow Mother Nature to bring smaller fires to clear the brush? Do we take the smaller trees, which will be burned anyway for lumber and paper needs? Do we let the courts decide and do nothing? What say you? Think about it.

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