Bureaucracy Suffocating the Flow of Transportation

We are slowing the transportation flows of our civilization by over burdening our transit systems, transportation companies, airlines, railroads and shipping companies with linear thought out rules and regulations. We are over regulating, over taxing and attacking the free market sector companies and this is cost America jobs, governments in tax base and hardship for travelers, vendors and industry, which rely on this transportation.

When companies are over taxed passed the amount their customers can afford they have tow choices, file bankruptcy like United Airlines, Delta, ATA, US Airways, Consolidated Freightways, Penn Central Railroad, Budget Group, Laidlaw, etc.

Now we could discuss the transportation sector and bankruptcies of the last three decades for 36 hours and never get to the bottom of it. What needs to be considered is that when regulations to prevent accident slow the flow of transportation to the point that profit cannot be made because the costs for rider ship or shipping a product is out of sync with reality of the free market then we all lose in that loss. Friedman Economics comes into play here and too the books of Ayn Rand. We cannot use linear thinking to run the wheels of government bureaucracy due to media stirred controversy and PAC politics. Transportation must be above all that if we are to insure the integrity of its flow.

The flow of transportation cannot be compromised by the mere threat of International Terrorism, nor should we allow it to be used against us. By making the transportation system all encompassing, no one problem can stop the flow. No one terrorist act can prevent our system from serving the will of the country and people. All rules, laws, regulations, incremental changes, and screening in all forms of our transportation infrastructure must use the most technological advanced systems to see that the we can move people, products and services efficiently, cost effectively and quickly. Think About it?

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