Tax Dollars and Transparency of Government Agencies

As we watch fewer Americans voting it is no wonder why, they have lost faith in their government. Why can’t we as citizens who own our government demand equal and/or reasonable compliance with our tax dollars? Why can’t we demand the same from government as they enforce on our corporations? Why can’t government clean it’s act up and stop flushing our monies down the toilets? No wonder so many government workers wanted to install two more Johns in the white house during our last election; they obviously believe no one is watching and need more toilets to flush our money down in DC? Can you imagine for one minute the Government trying to comply with Sarbaines Oxley? They would crumble, stagnate and become even more ineffective than they already are.

For years Government has tried to regulate itself, but of course has been unable. Agencies turn in annual budget reports and expenses, which is chicken scratch at best. You have to feel sorry for the GAO having to keep track of the miss management of all these agencies;



The consumers and tax payers; remember us? Shouldn’t all agencies walk the walk or close the agency. Here are a few of the unbelievable failures of our Government Agencies with regards to public monies and information. Simply go to this site put in any of the letters designating any agency and see how much, fraud, abuse and waste there is and then multiply that blob of bureaucratic waste by the number of agencies listed on our site.


Shouldn’t we demand accountability from our own government. A government, which is so quick to throw stones, because they work out of stone buildings instead of glass houses? It is time to tear down the walls of fraud, abuse of power, wasteful spending, fake expense reports and bogus budgets. It is time to make government accountable and make them look in the mirror and answer to the same ridiculous and insane over regulation that they thrust on the greatest civilization ever created in the history of mankind. Before we allow them to tear down all we are and all we have built in this great nation, we must see that they walk the talk. Think about it.

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