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The expertise and advancement of the evolution of man and his culture is evident in one area only – that of propaganda and lying. They have learned how to suck and blow simultaneously out of every orifice of their bodies. Deceit, black ops (e.g. Kennewick Man), ‘hide the ball’ (e.g. the confusing array of Pyramid explanations) and secret agencies of advanced skill and esoteric expertise in all social structures that allow us to be ‘managed’. JFK, Watergate, Iran/Contra or Ritalin, the program has a repeating plot that is rife with immorality and it’s ever-present greed. The maze the Minotaur went through on Crete is reproduced near Glastonbury (or vice versa like Karnac and Carnac) and it is harder to get through the maze these ‘social engineers’ create or are still trying to create.

There may have been a time when the Romish plotters had a bet with their allies in Britain over who eradicated their assigned enemy first. Most people are aware of the ‘Flagellants’ and the Holocaust or Inquisitions against the heretical Jews. There are few who know the Irish were almost successfully eliminated and had disappeared into the bogs so the English couldn’t find them. The Mayans did the same thing with the Spanish and no doubt lots of others have sought to blend in with the environment in order to avoid such persecution by becoming ‘conversos’ in public. Bede was probably not the first (Eusebius and others were re-writing and plagiarizing) English historian to jump all over the Irish. Hume was a great historian in this tradition of debauched prejudice too. Here is a letter from him congratulating another conspirator in this continuing plot.

“I see you entertain a great doubt with regard to the authenticity of the poems of Ossian. You are certainly right in so doing. It is indeed strange that any men of sense could have imagined it possible, that above twenty thousand verses along with numberless historical, could have been preserved by oral tradition {Lies on paper are more easily maintained or referred back to.} during fifty generations, by the rudest, perhaps of all European nations, the most necessitous, the most turbulent, and the most unsettled. Where a supposition is so contrary to common sense, any positive evidence of it ought never to be regarded. Men run with great avidity to give their evidence in favour of what flatters their passions and their national prejudices. You are therefore over and above indulgent to us in speaking of the matter with hesitation.” (2)

Yes, ego of men and their need to flatter their national prejudices are a fact of life, and not just with ‘verbal tradition’. In many ways the ancient egalitarian peoples had less political and social reasons to lie, and they supported equality between all people. The Englishman who wrote this could be one of those arrogant even shockingly self-centered blankity-blanks who think God is his right hand man. The author of this letter was regarded by Edward Gibbon (who wrote the ‘Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire’) as England’s greatest historian. He is David Hume and his intellectual progeny and fallout are directly connected to the far less but just as influentially prejudicial words of the great Encyclopedia. This letter is a masterwork of insipid prejudice and a deceit of monumental proportions.

We know for a fact that Hume is speaking the kind of vile invective that allowed Gibbon’s friend Lord Sheffield to benefit so much from the rape of Ireland. Sheffield was a paid off absentee landowner and key political player in Britain’s impoverishment of Ireland. This buying of support by giving lands in other nations claimed by ‘Divine’ or other debatable ‘Right’ has a long history in European monarchistic management. These authors of hatred and war, prejudice and ignorance, have unclean hands and obvious conflicts of interest. They were called the cause of the Rwandan genocide of the last decade in lock-step and clear order as Number one and two criminals. Number one was the Catholic Church and then the Anglican. They are not separate from their government or secular authority as the recent Canadian court awards make evident. The Catholic request for government to make payment with them for the billions they owe the Indians or the insurance companies the government works with that are paying up are all part of the menagerie.

Sein Fein was the name of a cultural revival newspaper and society began by Prof. MacManus and others. Now it is a guerilla or terrorist organization. Why do the Irish fight amongst themselves and believe in Catholicism (south or Eire) that practices the same usages as the English Anglican Church? Why is the Protestant North that feigns to abhor those usages engaged in fighting for the English? The English gave them their land and brought them there from Scotland, while making trade and taxation deals with them to ensure they remained loyal and prospered. Is the church promoting hatred and divisiveness? Sure it isn’t engaged in secular matters, what with the separation of church and state and all that kind of fiction!

“Naturally, of course, the first thing that people in power should do, for a country facing starvation, was to forbid the export of foodstuff from Ireland. But, as Englishmen, having this source of supply cut off, would then have to pay a higher price for their corn, the British Government, ‘could not interfere with the natural course of trade’. ‘But’ the Viceroy Lord Heytesbury, reassured the dying ones, ‘there is no cause for alarm-the Government is carefully watching the course of events!” (5)

What a wonderfully careful Government it was, too. The movie Far and Away portrays a little of the situation and Michael Collins with Liam Neeson states there had been 700 years of war in its opening scroll. The English sent scientists to discover the effects of blight on potato crops as well as the effects of starvation on people, despite their lesser ‘civilized’ nature. They didn’t even return a reasonable portion of the taxes they collected from Ireland during the Famine. The papers in London ridiculed and satirized (in the inimitable English intellect of Hume et. al.) the ‘unsettled’ or adle-brained drunken Irish, who could offer no more resistance.

“As they were unable to pay rack rent to the absentee landlord, thousands of the starving ones were thrown out, and other thousands threatened to be thrown out of their wretched homes, to perish on the roadside. In consequence frenzied poor men shot a few of the vilest of the land-agents and landlords. At the opening of the Parliament in January ’46, Queen Victoria, addressing her ‘Lords and Gentlemen’ observed, with deep regret, the fearful situation In Ireland-adding-‘It will be our duty to consider whether any measure can be devised, calculated to give peace and protection for life there.’

The simple reader, who knows not the way of the British with Ireland, would here naturally come to the conclusion that the tender-hearted gentlewoman, full of sympathy? was directing her Parliament to try to save a multitude of lives. But this would be a mistaken conclusion. She was here referring to the handful of Anglo-Irish landlords and agents, whose lives must solicitously be protected whilst, in trying times, they were endeavouring to hack and hew their usual pound of flesh from the walking skeletons in the bogs and mountains of Ireland. Some of these thoughtless ones were in danger of slaying a landlord rather than see him slay their famished wife, or hollow-eyed children. Hence the good Queen advised her ‘Lords and Gentlemen’ that a stringent Coercion Bill was needed, and must be provided to relieve the unfortunate conditions prevailing in Ireland. [3][3]-Notes: Among other benefits which the excellent Bill proposed to confer upon the suffering people, it rendered liable to fourteen years transportation away for anyone found out of his own house after the sun set in the evening and before it arose in the morning. In the operation of this beneficial Act many things occurred, that to an outsider might seem strange. For instance John Mitchell records such happenings as that of a quiet respectable farmer, who on a summer evening, when the sun was near setting, strolled a short way down the road to pay his working-men and walking back when the sun had just sunk-though it was still broad daylight-was arrested for heinous crime against ‘the Queen and Constitution of this realm.'” (6)

Hitler had to pay his guards just like the Turks who made the first fenced concentration camps around this time (for the care of the Armenians). Of course the ghettoes were a form of concentration camp that cost the administrative countries that had Jews a very little amount of money. This was especially true when they were inclined periodically to dispossess them of their treasure. The Romish churchians had learned the benefits of not being an Empire and having to share the booty with the citizens of Rome in earlier times. Christianity should be studied as the pre-eminent marketing plan of this whole era we call ‘his’-story. Is there a possibility that the Jews and the Irish are a threat to someone for something to do with history? Is it their inclination to regard Jesus as a man who preached truths like the divinity and freedom of each soul while on Earth? You would have to study what went on at the Synod of Whitby in 664 AD in order to get a feel for the reason the date of Easter had to be changed and to know the Celtic Church and their monastic Orders like Iona (in the Emerald Isles and in places like the Greek Islands) were a real threat to Rome. Then you would know the Jewish and Irish perception that Jesus was a prophet and not a Messiah was part of it.

The Irish were hounded and pursued, ridiculed and beat upon in all ways or methods available to man. In America as indentured slaves or Civil War soldiers (both sides, the Rebel Yell is the Keltic war cry) they were worse off than the blacks or Chinese. Over the course of a long time they lost even the bulk of their verbal tradition. Their knowledge of the Celtic Cultural Age some call Atlantis is almost non-existent. The Ossianic tales and legends bear close scrutiny despite what Hume and Gibbon have written. Taliesin was more of a fabricator or fancy and Frank Lloyd Wright was enamoured of him. It is worth noting the status of the blacks in the Christian church as well as the excellent civil rights record of this church that has been the dominant force in Western society through all the Crusades and other heretical inquisitions and divisive tactics. Gradualistic god-guided ‘chosen ones’ who reach rapture or the Goff, due to their elitist prejudices are soon going to get their karmic due I hope. The cells of cultural adepts like the de Danaan are getting more support as archaeology uncovers things like Gimbutas’ Old European alphabet even if the gods of archaeology cling to Sumer like they did to Clovis. Richard Rudgely isn’t the only one to notice if things don’t fit the prevailing theory they require different standards or are thought to be a hoax. His credentials are impeccable just as were Campbell’s and Gimbutas’.

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