Kudos For Monsanto Company

I applaud Monsanto for their R and D. I would like to meet the head R and D man there and shake his hand for his drive and stick-to-it-ness to find solutions to feed the world. I have seen the animosity towards terminator and GM seeds, but I have also seen children dying of malnutrition and felt sick to my stomach as I knew they would not last more than a year like that. Malaria, or something would get them first. It was a sad day boarding that plane and thinking in 12 hours I would be back in the states and they would be living there and dying of some awful affliction. Not many opportunities there, not very fulfilled human lives really.

Some environmentalists, rural farmers are up in arms over the GM seeds and are using smear campaign tactics against Monsanto. There are so many seed companies, which are poised to take the market if Monsanto was to force this product onto a world market when in fact the world market did not desire it. Cargill is no little company and the world is not with out competition for seeds.

For Monsanto, GM Terminator seeds are one of their lines of seeds, I see by these public relations attacks and articles out in the world press that Monsanto has a small PR issue ahead. Yet simultaneously from a logical perspective the GM Terminator seeds make so much sense as we need to feed the world more efficiently. Please think on this, people are dying of malnutrition and GM seeds maybe part of the answer, lets work together on this concept. Who knows what we can accomplish with the help of this ongoing research.

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