Some Farmers and Organic Growers are Upset at Monsanto

The organic farmers are angry that Monsantos terminator GM seeds will prevent the farmers from saving seeds from their harvest for next years crops and that Monsanto wishes to put them out of business. Actually it sure makes for headlines, unfortunately that is not how free enterprise works. Monsanto does not want to run anyone out of business; they want to sell seeds. If Monsanto holds them selves out as extortionists by overly inflating the prices as the critics seem to accuse them of doing before they have actually introduced it, then the free market would in fact take over and other companies willing to sell for less would emerge as at first smaller and then much larger competing players would they not. Isn’t that the basis for our proven capitalist system, which has given Americans great quality of life, choices and the largest GNP of the next four other nations combined?

So, Monsanto is also bound by the principals of free markets, so they cannot overly over step their bounds without the repercussions of loss of business and quarterly objectives, shareholders value and increased earnings per share. Now then remember if the farmers or corporate farmers do not wish to buy the terminating seeds well then don’t buy them? I do not see it as holding life for ransom as these pessimist attackers claim, there is complete choice of the farmers vendors. Some farmers are quite appalled and will refuse to by these seeds while others will buy them because the consumer wishes to have better looking produce and food.

Free markets when allowed to run their course can in due time solve many of the worlds debates. Lets agree to disagree and let the free market decide, because it is the great leveler in debate. Monsanto is like any other company which wants to make a profit and if you feel that strongly then don’t buy the GM terminator seeds. But at the same time if your corn is not as good at making ethanol or the ears are not selling as well in the market place, well then their should not be any complaints about that either, think about it.

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