Questioning Both Sides of the GM Crop Debate

One question not addressed in GM Crops and Monsanto Terminator Seeds Debate and one which cannot be found in any of the online white papers on the subject is: What is known about Bee Pollination with regards to these things, if the seeding an cross-pollination cannot use the services of the Bees and Butterflies then this too could mean lower yields and thus hurt Monsanto and those which buy certain seeds from certain crops from them as well as feeding the world? And what about Wild crops in some countries that feed people? Would they be slowed due to a larger percentage of Terminating seeds?

For anyone to say that a reality based decision such as the decision by the USDA to allow further implementation of Terminating GM Seeds: “flies in the face” is utter International liberal biased rabble rousing by environmental terrorists involved personal agendas and therefore is a bogus notion indeed. So what if flies in the face of public opinion if it is a viable solution? After all what is “public opinion” these days but a mirror of our daily TV intake and newspaper controversy driven sound a fury daily bombardment?

Are we going to allow destruction and havoc and future starvation of billions of people based on a minority group with sharp tongues for media sound bites? Or are we as a human race dedicated in the cause of serving mankind and bring him to the absolute fullest potential in this period and set a course to go beyond the perceived possible future of the next period. Because we are capable and reasoning creatures. We can you know? We can bring ourselves into the next forward step for mankind. Let us stay reality based on the issues of Genetically Modified Crops and Monsanto’s new GM Terminator seeds, we have a world to feed and unless someone has a better idea we ought to move forward. Think about it.

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