Ohio Department of Transportation; Sector Economic Reality

Ohio’s transportation sector seems to be strong, even with Ohio’s outrageous attack on the trucking industry. That one has to be politics. One State patrol officer told us that they are suppose to pull over 80% commercial and 20% private vehicles. This means on Friday nights when you have drunk drivers if you pull over 2 cars then you have to pull over 8 trucks, well at 2 am, that just might be half of all trucks. Then of course having to justify yourself you look around for a way to write a ticket?

Such a quota is unnecessary and have diminishing returns on enforcement and turns into aggressive and unnecessary selective prosecution which hurts all interstate trucking, gives the state a bad name (even with all the enterprise, trade and FTZ zones set aside for industry and distribution). They invited it all in and then slammed them with arbitrary enforcement, complex rules and increased fees and taxes many times in the form of fines and tickets. All this, well it destroys the distribution system and creates a larger and more NAZI like DOT. The animosity of truck drivers to government in OH is paralleling CA, NJ and D.C.

Everyone knows when you slow the progress of the language, money flow, education, communication, transportation or distribution you are simply taxing all of society and eliminating the powers of free-trade and capitalism, clearly that serves no man. Despite the vindictive and ludecrice activities of the Ohio DOT, the transportation sector is rebounding strong. This is a testament of the will of that sector and the free markets that the trucking companies hall for.

Do you think the Ohio Department of Transportation will ever get their heads out of their rears? Many think they never will and continue with the brown colored hair dye.

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