Telemarketing and Job Losses

Telemarketing and DO NOT CALL lists sure made headlines, but I bet there is something you did not realize. The good news about such industries is they bring in good telecommunication infrastructures, lower costs for consumers telephone bills, and are pollution free. Many smaller cities in the country, places like Lewiston, ID worked really hard to bring in such businesses to help pay for fiber optic lines and change the needs of the area and their dependence on polluting factories. One issue in Akron, OH which came up in a conversation with Jay Schmahl the National Sales Director for InfoCision Management Corp,


the largest telemarketing company in OH, and WV was the problems in the telemarketing industry which is about 270 billion in annual revenues and employs some 50,000 Americans in the country.

In WV each time a call center is opened the governor shows up there to the grand openings since Coal Mining is a dying industry at least mining for it underground is for sure. Above ground coal mines such as in Gillette, WY have a ten-fold advantage. The areas in WV were call centers are have brought economic prosperity to down ridden areas which have suffered so many industry job losses.

Luckily for his company so far the FTC telemarketing lists for Do Not Call, have discouraged the less professional companies and will probably help their company as they have contracts with fortune 500 for inbound telemarketing as well as political campaigns which of course you knew would be exemt. But here again is an issue of not understanding what you are doing when you make a law. A professional telemarketing company does not call at dinner-time. The unprofessional ones are now going to be gone, but further legislation is on its way and that might effect their company and several other clean industry call centers in many parts of semi-rural America where manufacturing jobs have gone by the waste-side.

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