Medicade Scam; Worse than You Think

You are not going to believe what is going on in North Western Michigan; Check this scam out, typical health care fraud. There is a $3000 allowance per month if your child is on medicade because the parent is poor. Now some of these people have six kids. So this mental health hospital; all these kids who have health care degrees scour the area to find these kids from poor people and sign them up at the hospital. The hospital is huge. No wonder all these kids who are perfectly healthy are going to the hospital to get checks up. They use up all $3,000 per month for each kid. HMOs want body count, they want to get paid per month per body, so they want to get the people in, and get them out and bill for $3,000.00

This is what happens when government offers programs like this. Meanwhile many hospitals also pay for transportation to the parents to drive them in from all over Michigan’s NW rural areas. Paying them $40-50 each way per visit and try to get the kid in for test, check ups, whatever twice a week. They also pay the parents sometimes when public transportation is used costing us more but the mom can now get $100 per week, enough to buy and SUV with payments of $400.00 per month with nothing down?

So what do you think of health Care and “It Takes a Village to Raise a Child Now?” Actually it takes an HMO and the government to create a child, because these parents of six kids are living off the transportation money and the HMOs are making bank and paying the doctors shit. If the money was not offered the kids would not be born in the first place. But check out this math. Transportation fees to deliver your kid to the hospital $100 per month per kid. If you have six kids you get $600.00 per week or $2400.00 per month. If the mom gets a job she does not qualify for her kid to have medicade, therefore she does not want a job. But then again she doesn’t need a job at $2400.00 per month of free money. Then they over medicate their kids making them brain dead. And one lady told me she get paid mileage so, what did she do? She moved into a house 3000 square feet that was 60 miles further away and not anywhere near any hospital. Now she goes to two different hospitals twice a week and nearly tripled her money. Canadians are also coming over a getting free sex to make babies with these women and they love it. If they want to become US citizens it is now easy since they are father to another child in the US. Incidentally, unemployment is growing there and many men are living with these women as boyfriends without marrying them so they can join in on the income. Interesting Ehy? Wonder if they are all US Citizens? Something to think on.

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