Bringing Back Mining Jobs to the United States

With new environmental technologies and modern efficiency methods in mining can we revive this sector of our economy. It would be great for manufacturing costs and coupled with the current low dollar we stand to make gain quite a bit if we can. By doing this the job of doing mining correctly it is feasible, but environmental laws are not the only regulations that mining operations have to deal with, once you let those bastard regulators on the property they are only interested in finding something wrong to pay for their trip.

Many older coal miners of the past few generations met these US Regulators at the gates with shotguns. This is due to the outrageous, self-righteous attitude of the overbearing government regulators. Here is one story from the daughter of an old coalminer who owned several mines which were eventually forced to be shut down. Was it competition that prompted this? Was it the environment? Organized labor? Why the attacks on a coalminer family? Here is her story:

“There is so much political BS in the energy field it isn’t even funny. When I was 11 or 12, I walked down to the mine yard where I witnessed two Federal mine inspectors shoving my father around. They were provoking him to try to get him to fight them. He just stood there like the gentle soul he was. I went back to the house, picked up the rifle and shells and fired a warning shot over their heads. Lord, was my father ever mortified! The Feds backed up with their hands in the air and I told them exactly how to get in their vehicle and drive away before I decided to blow their heads off. They did. My father took the rifle and walked me back to the house lecturing me with the biggest grin on his face. When my mom and dad were discussing the situation, I snuck out, hopped on my bicycle and went after them (of course, I was gun less by this time). They were on the highway a few miles away and I decided to do the domino effect. I got neighbors to get other neighbors and we all hit the highway with me still on my bicycle leading the troops. We went around the corner and the bastards had decided to turn around and come back. All vehicles stopped and everyone got out and stood across the road with me. All were packing with their guns at their sides. The neighbors went to my parent’s house after this to tell them what we’d done. Someone got the law and the attorney and it was probably the first time I saw the gapping holes in our legal system.”

Interesting how we deal with things in this country. And mine you this is a true story, certainly 30 years ago, but it is real.

Truth, Justice and The American way are an ideal to work towards, it is questionable if they ever have actually existed in our country as per those wonderful textbooks in grade school. However with that now known and with the truth of Santa Clause also revealed to us, we do have duty in this country to fight for that ideal. Having read about this in many novels and non-fiction books and having now experienced these things personally;

http://washguy.com/ftc.shtml ,

I believe we can have those ideals and still provide business opportunities for those who wish to control various industries, by finding win-win solutions that expand the pie for all and serve the needs of the people, not the sheep. If you read about the Oil Barons in this country and understand the politics, the law and the DOJ, you can see there is more to it than simply digging up a raw material or resource, collecting it, refining it and selling it.

This is not good or bad, it just is. And “IT” affects every single aspect of our lives. Everyone should read Ayn Rand before they judge the producers, wild caters, entrepreneurs and risk takers that built all we are and all we know. Perhaps I am not the only one upset about the government’s ability to disrupt the flow of things. Perhaps we are not the first to be attacked or the last. I recommend “The Business End of Government” By Smoot. Here is one family that was attacked who still to this day has many things to say? Such as what is the role of Government?


and another who has given more money to humanity than any other couple in the history of mankind;

http://www.gatesfoundation.org/default.htm .

For us to continue to mine our own natural resources we need to sustain our factories and manufacturing facilities we need a new hands off approach to the inane regulations that plague the industry. We are not saying a complete lack of regard for the environment, but a better approach to the streamlining the bureaucracy and more reality based lawmaking and regulations. Not simply laws to make laws or appease the poppers in the peanut gallery and Sierra Club Fringe with the squeakiest of wheels in a little red wagon full of academia reports containing junk science. What we need is a reality check that will not produce more “Out to Save the World, by making Everyone and Everything Equal” college kids taught by the most liberal of professors.

If we want to revive this sector of our economy and the mining sector to help restore jobs for America and our manufacturing and industrial might we must think about these issues. We need cooperation between government and industry not over regulation from spiteful enforcement agencies. Think about it America, we can be strong again.

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