Paper Industry

The paper industry in the US is hurting. Due to supply and demand prices are way up. If you look at the changes, due to the growth in housing and price of wood and increased government regulations with Sarbaines Oxley Act you can see why we need more and more paper.

The government is the biggest user of paper and say they need to purchase more paper to hassle businesses with paperwork and forms and taxes and fees and fines and rules and etc, etc.

You can see that if it weren’t for Uncle Sam’s cluster muck there would be no need to buy the “checkerboard clear cutting Canadian global warming hypocrites” timber anyway. We would not have needed to place dumping tariffs on the Canadian Timber industry in the first place if the government would catch a clue and stop requiring all this paper work of free enterprise. The government in the United States keeps growing and growing and pushing paper. The Chinese Leadership calls us a paper tiger; they might have something there, gosh are we pathetic or what?

The US companies could offset the costs of paper and right the lopsided issues with supply and demand in the timber and paper industries by curtailing their waste of paper. The excess could be used to supply the housing industry. The excess could be bought from Canada and everyone would be all good to go. All we need to do is just by following a few Microsoft principles in cutting down the number of forms, Gate’s had warned us of this two-decades ago. Obviously he knows how to run an efficient business unlike our government as it wastes paper and spins its will and is so incompetent it cannot even protect us from cave dwellers living half way around the world. And mind you I am not complaining just because of the Winslow Mills closed in Maine back in the 1700’s.

The government wastes enough paper to triple the size of every forest in this nation in the next ten years. Think about it. Get some efficiency in Washington DC, before we turn the whole world into a single dimensional universe on a linear form.

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