Constitutional Amendment Needed on Sodomy Laws

Many very nice and loving homosexual male couples want to get married. Sure they can have various personal vows and contractual relationships, share monies; even call themselves married; domestic partners or sole mates. Male homosexual marriages or civil unions seem to make sense because the homosexual male population as a whole is 560% more promiscuous as heterosexuals or regular folks. This promiscuity issue leaves them as at the highest possible risk of contracting HIV and AIDS. AIDS kills people, which would not be very good for them personally. In the future perhaps there will be a cure. Right now the Chinese are working on a vaccine, which looks promising. When you insert you sexual organ up another person’s rectum much tearing takes place and there are severe health risks involved even without the contraction of venereal diseases or AIDS.

Currently the political push in the homosexual population is for changing of the marriage laws at the state levels. Those states who are able to modify their laws will see an increase in homosexual population of both females and males. With this they are likely to see a slight increase in AIDS cases as well. But if all the homosexual men start getting married this will slow the risk of AIDS to the heterosexual population too. If we have a constitutional amendment of some type and change the definition of marriage laws in this country we must first change the sodomy law and make it legal for a male to stick his sexual organ up the anus or rectum of another man even though it is quite obvious it was not designed for this function.

We cannot expect homosexual males who are married not to engage in such activities yet if we allow homosexual marriages we are in fact condoning this and changing our sex laws in this country. So what comes first the chicken or the sexual organ? Any Constitutional change for homosexual marriages among men needs a rider on the on the law to include that Americans now condone sodomy. Which might be good as it lets quite a few of the Catholic Priests off the hook too for their acts with some of their older alter boys. Think about, no don’t.

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