Trade Policy; Hurting Industry and Small Business

The steel tariff taxes a few years ago hurt industry and small business and we as a civilization are still paying for that boo boo. This problem was affecting our team in my company and costing our franchisees money and ROI time, due to increased costs in new equipment. The increase in steel costs added $1800 to the trucks and $3000 to the truck beds? All over the import tax and the manipulation, which occurred due to supply and demand issues of the new pricing caused by those import taxes. Even still the steel industry did not have substantially higher profits and hurt were all the manufacturers such as ship builders, truck and car manufacturers.

There were over 20,000 automobile industry layoffs due to the increased prices of steel, because fewer people could afford the increased in prices of SUVs by $800.00. That hurts those laid off, their families and the auto industry just like it hurt our franchisees and their ability to grow their businesses. The import tax of 50% on steel, hurts the rest of the economy, it hurt my team at a time when we need better prices to our customers who are charged out in credit card debt, after all we serve the masses and the average consumer is in that scenario. The import tax on steel created a monopoly on steel for a couple of steel companies who were planning a merger in a competitive world industry sector.

I am upset that we are attacking American companies who have won the market by serving customers and giving them what they want as we all vote with our dollar and then the government creates monopolies at the same time. So of course monopolies are Good as long as the government creates them. We are glad to see that these steel companies are now able to produce steel now that the prices are up, yet some of these steel mills are closed to sell their energy contracts to other companies and stay closed, thus who are we helping? Certainly not my team or company and certainly not helping long term our position of free trade as we need the ability to export with out reciprocal attack from other governments on things like our beef industry, computer industry or airline industries.

We will now see jobs for cars and etc move to Mexico and China this would also be for tractors and heavy industry trucks and trailer manufacturers. We help one industry temporarily and then give away jobs and factory capacity to other countries of our other important industries for what reason? To temporarily prop up an old industry which refuses to compete in the world markets and streamline like all the rest of us to become best of breed? If we really wish to do that we need to take red magic markers thru all the crazy regulations which hamper our industries or force those who trade with us similar environmental laws to compete on an a level playing field. Think about it.

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