DC Lawyers; Have I Got a Case for You?

This is no time for the Black community to sue the CSX Railroad which is a conglomeration of merged companies and the Southern Pacific Railroad Co, which did receive profits from the use for Black slave labor, but had nothing to do with CSX today which is a well diversified company in color of skin and forms of transportation. Stop hurting America with this kind of headline grabbing. It is wrong and everyone with half a brain knows that. Yes, Yes, Yes, there were terrible travesties by today’s standards committed against Black Americans, YES that is true and we should never forget the past, but this is not the way to come together; this kind of charade will tear us apart.

This would not happen in Los Angeles, because no one gives a crap if you are black or white, but in the South where there is still some healing that is taking place it seems to be the topic of the day. Look at those black debaters condemning whitey in Washington DC and in the Deep South too. Last year it was the GA, SC flags and now this. Enough already. I think it is time that people that want to push that hard for a cause are doing so against there own minorities progress towards any kind of future equality gain hoped for. Things are changing and people are waking up to what is going on, but it is going to take a while, let these issues go and do not use the media to fight your battles, because one day they are with you and the next day they are against you and you cannot win that way.

They media wants to promote controversy and get people to say terrible things about or in contradiction to your fellow American, don’t let them use you to get their will of higher viewer ship, otherwise the whole damned world will be a giant Jerry Springer Show. If your cause is just and you take the high road for the right reasons you will prevail and we all will prevail as one. One single country that cannot be broken, because divided we fall, don’t go there. Besides we as a business owner, people like me do not really give a darn what color you are or what sexual orientation you are choosing, you are a customer aren’t you. No matter what side you are on, to me you are my customer and anyone who has a job relies on the customers to buy stuff to keep us employed, right? Everything has equilibrium and that is where it will be, in free market systems, in societies and in nature. You see it all works out in the end, if you fight it, it will actually take longer to achieve. Yet if you let it be and find its own balance it will in the end, then we all win together. Please think about it and next time you want to complain on my TV set, just shut up will you, stop acting like a bunch of morons and that goes for both sides. Dumb humans everywhere, it just isn’t fair.

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