Eurovision Song Contest – Kiss My Butt Neighbours

Tonight I resigned myself to the fact that this is the last Eurovision Song Contest I shall ever watch. In fairness the only reason I did watch it was due to media reports mentioning that steps had been taken to try and mitigate the blatant vote rigging that takes place each time the contest is aired. I should have known better.

I suppose the early warning signs were there before I even sat down to witness this debacle. My mother has long stopped watching the show. When I spoke to her on the phone about it, this once avid viewer and follower of the Eurovision Song Contest had lost interest entirely. To make matters worse, the girls in the local chippie laughed when I mentioned it.

Greece was the hot favourite, and in fairness, they presented a polished and well balanced song and dance routine that was ideal for the Eurovision Song Contest. In balance though, for as many years as I can remember, Greece has always awarded Cyprus 12 points and Cyprus has always awarded Greece 12 points. Shame on them both. That supposedly respectful countries like Greece, members of the EEC, can resort to such blatant and obvious vote rigging beggars belief.

I am not saying there are no honest voters. There almost certainly are, but they are few and far between. The highlight of the evening was when a very distinctive booing was heard from the crowd when Greece gave Cyprus its 12 points. Furthermore, not a token gesture of thanks, recognition or approval from Greece to Turkey, which contrary to the actions of its full EEC member Greece, had given the Greek entry a full 12 votes. Bravo Turkey!

When a commentator such as Terry Wogan can practically predict the outcome of the voting based on who are neighbouring countries to the vote giver, you immediately know that something is wrong. Also, did anyone notice that Britain’s entry was more Turkish in sound than the Turkish entry?.

Russia, France, Greece, Hungary, Turkey and the UK all had quite reasonable and catchy songs with good presentation. However, the voting of our new neighbours in Europe leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Almost to a man they voted with their neighbours in order to maximise their winning potential and score levels. The whole escapade was as embarassing as it was predictable.

No, I cannot and will not bring myself to watch another Eurovision Song Contest. Good though he may be, even Terry Wogan has overstayed his welcome. Its time we collectively snubbed this farce and moved on.

Dogged by political symbolism and ruined by vote rigging controversy, this is one awful singing tournament that has become a world embarassment. We should get out now and leave this camp, flamboyant, kiss my ass contest to the East Europeans and Greece and Cyprus.

From Birmingham UK Com ( http://www.birminghamuk.com )

Birmingham UK Com ( http://www.birminghamuk.com )

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