Maryland Lawyers and Politicians Want More Regulations

We know that in Maryland, which some call “Merry Land” due to its completely liberal skew that Sarbaines Oxley laws were born. These laws no matter what anyone will tell you, have done more to upset our trade deficits with China than any other single factor. Senator Sarbaines is not even running for re-election now, which is smart because he would have major opposition and who ever was close to beating him would have on hell of a bank roll to do it. It is hard to say really which is worse; Osama Bin Laden hiding in a Cave or Senator Sarbaines who lives in a box (opinion).

Last year a Maryland legislator decided we need more regulations on franchise companies in their state? I respectfully disagree with any additional franchise legislation. There is already too much and it is choking America’s economic system. 2/3 of every consumer dollar goes through a franchise, 10% of all people are employed in small business, of those the most successful are franchised. Putting up barriers to entry, increased cost as we move out of a recession will further destroy your tax base and growth.

It is anti-small business because large franchisors can absorb such additional costs and smaller start-up entrepreneurial franchise systems cannot. Just recently a lady from a church in Maryland called us and asked for a gift certificate for a silent auction. The church was raising money to fix up houses for people without means after the winter storms, a noble cause indeed.

We could not help her or give her a gift certificate because we are not franchising in Maryland and do not have franchisees presently in that state. Why are we not providing jobs and franchising in Maryland? Those people with no means might have means if they had a job, right? Your state would have a larger tax base with more jobs, right? With a larger state budget from a larger tax base, Maryland legislators as leaders could do more to help humanity right? Isn’t that why they joined in the game, to do what is right? Hmmm? Of course it is. But we do not franchise in Maryland, because it is hostile with over burdensome current franchise registration laws and want to add more? The two worst franchise registration states are CA and Maryland, interesting they also have the most lawyers.

The bill does not help consumers. That is a farce and falsehood at best. Example, the consumers in this true story above. The consumers who go to that church who would like a little help from a franchisor and their franchisee, which normally would be no problem if we did business there in your state. The people with no means who have lost their jobs; they consumers too. Yet they consume very little without a job or money as a matter of fact with their houses and domiciles in disrepair they are lucky to have not frozen to death or starved this winter. The Maryland Legislature should read Ayn Rand one of these days. It hits the mark. In our franchise; www.carwashguys.com . We wash cars at offices using 3.1 gallons of water per car (the most efficient carwash in the world), helping the drought and providing a wonderful service and of course jobs. Something the residents of Maryland need, a car wash. We also have been blessed with success, allowing us to do car wash fundraisers for kids groups and non-profits in our territories of service. Non-profits and kids groups desperately need the money now more than ever and we are happy to do our part:


We help people with community policing at a time when budgets are cut short and DARE programs are being cut.


Did you also know that this program was sent to the ATA-American Transportation Association for further modification and added to their Terrorist Watch Program?


And those truck drivers caught the shooters in the area at the rest stop. Maybe in part thanks to our help, yes a franchise. I hope the Maryland Lawyers and Legislators can comprehend the integral part franchising plays in our society, economy and lives? Additional over regulations hurts consumers and country. Additional regulations in franchising should be avoided at all costs. Thanks for listening; think about it.

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