Often we see protests at the sites of global leader gatherings. Some complain Globalization is bad, that a one world currency is evil and that there is a huge conspiracy a foot to control all of mankind. Yet, these same folks often fail to see the incredible advantages to trade and quality of life that a one-world scenario can provide. They fail to understand the issues of free trade and what we can do for the third world. Before you buy into the anti one world theme and do your family name the dishonor of standing on a corner and making a fool of yourself, there is a book I recommend that you read:

“One World Ready or Not” by William Greider.

This is an older book as it was written in 1997. But it brings up many points that are important to understanding the merging of Asian, European and North American currencies. As free trade and developing nations come into first world nations we will see many changes. The book is very good as it discusses issues almost too numerous to list in real terms. I recommend the book to anyone who finds themselves thinking they understand the global economics of the future. It may help you reason other aspects you may not have considered previously if you are not an economist. Read it and think about it and if you still feel yourself being coaxed by friends to stand on the corner in mass protest you will find you and your friends soaking wet from fire hoses, in the polluted water of your own follies.

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