Richard Nixon, the truth

Richard Nixon was by far a most fascinating and colorful character in our nations history. Richard Nixon, well even his dog’s past was checkered. Richard Nixon was an excellent diplomat, negotiator and politician. Anyone who studies Machiavelli, Carl von Clauswitz, Politics and the reality of the human species has to understand what really goes on. Without praise or condemnation Richard Nixon was a man who indeed, did care very much for this country and served our nation very well in many regards. His foreign diplomacy and tough negotiations came in handy at a time when those skills were needed. And yes there was the other side of history as well. I recommend an Audio Book, which has many excerpts of his secret tapes on them to better understand the man;

“Abuse of Power-The New Nixon Tapes” By Stanley I. Kutler.

This was an incredible insight into the Nixon Administration. I am glad to have reviewed these tapes. Although I have to wonder, who the hell is running this great nation; is it really the president? Great nations need great leaders and it appears it is not a pre-requisite to have all the necessary qualities to be the leader of the free world. Nixon got some real interesting advise from a whole lot of people, who I question their judgment. Watergate was of little real importance in the scheme of running a nation. This thing went way too far and got way out of hand. Too bad really; it destroyed the image of the presidency and leads people to continually think ill of the now in office administrations. Also of value were the books by Woodward, and Biographies of Regan, Bush Sr., Ford, Clinton and Bush GW. Also the first ladies had some great insight as to what the administrations job really is. Maybe we do not need great advisors since the government machine is so large and obtrusive. Maybe we are better off having little real leadership in the white house? Maybe the Presidential Powers should be greater. I can remember my own political career and can attest to the fact that there is a lot of hanky panky going on, on all sides. Politics in America are not about who is best, most deserving or even smartest. They are about who lies the best or whose political group is able to character assassinate the other.

I wonder should we blame Richard Nixon or should we blame such a flawed process. Politics is no way to run the human race, think about it. And definitely buy this set of audio books for a better understanding of the man.

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