911 Conspiracy Theory Revealed During Coffee Shop Conversation

A coffee shop conversation about a Great Country in Historic Times. It seems there are many out there who believe in conspiracy theories and are all too quick to label and judge our leadership as evil. They are looking for conspiracy theories and people to blame, I suppose that is human nature? Unfortunately there are problems with conspiracy theories because they tear down trust. Regarding this post:


A reader writes in to discuss topics of Patriotism, conflict, investigations and America. First he writes:

“Mr. Winslow, I totally agree with much of your closing comments on that piece. I do feel efforts, and strength are concentrated towards better things and that many conspiracy theorists serve to counter the progress and goodness of our people; but are you asking them to just accept that it happened? I mean, not many will settle for the fact that men are evil and that we (our own govt.) may have had a hand in the demise of our own people? Thanks.”

Then this reply and thought was given on the subject:

“I am not condoning any foul play. If in fact there might have been, which I doubt. This country should not be destroyed even if their was some foul play. Chances are there was not. The issue is over, we must move on. What is wrong with giving your fellow countrymen the benefit of the doubt? I put up the entire list for those who wish to review it, I have. And there is a review going on already. I can also give you 1200 examples for every example of foul play in those articles. And mind you they are only articles and you can only believe half of what you read anyway. Why should we surrender our minds to the media hype of conspiracy? After all they write this stuff because it sells newspapers right? I cannot buy into it. There is no proof of conspiracy, if there were someone would have told someone and it would be all over the media. These sparsely written pieces are aimed at separating us as Americans, not uniting the team. Should we have destroyed the country after Dec. 7, 1941? Iran Contra? Watergate? Now 9-11? That is if 9-11 was really in the same category? I am happy, I like my country, I am with us. No matter what. What are your thoughts on the continuation of my debate?”

We agree to meet at a coffee shop and discuss this further. Our conversation continues as this gentleman continued:

“I agree. I am happy, I love this country as well. Together we are stronger…a house divided will always be weaker, and, yes too much attention is being put on debunked theories. But there will always be people who question everything without giving the gov’t. any leniency, and there will always be people who protest just for the sake pf protesting. Whatever they do it is important that there is someone who continually monitors and questions authority. Its a checks and balances thing that is important. For the most part, I am with you. What do you think of the current updates on the panel hearings??”

Then I reply: “I have not been watching, I have been following it on the radio. Sounds like a lot of Sound and Fury to me. Posturing, grandstanding and basically TV entertainment. We do have the capability of flying aircraft into buildings so one could always have suspicions. We have used drones for target practice for decades and UAV technologies, net-centric offensive attack now is available to take over systems of an entire squadron for various reasons so one could point to that. It is good to get it out in the open, but really this is an election year and doesn’t it just seem a little silly? We have other things to worry about. 9-11 as bad as it was for the American psyche, it was still only 3000 people, we have been known to kill that many in three-day weekend driving accidents. So we ought to put all this into perspective. 7 trillion dollars evaporating from the economy in the stock market is silly. Putting up more barriers and taking away rights of the people does not make any sense either. I can certainly understand if some people who have had close friends or loved ones feeling differently so I am not against the hearings at all really. I am totally fine with it. The truth should be heard and we as well as the families have a right to know. But if this is merely turning into a Bush Bashing event, I want no part of it and it ought to be shut down. There are 10 people on that panel of which some pretty strong willed characters, which promised to be non-partisan, well let us also hold them to that promise as well.”

We are Americans first. 9-11 sucks, there is nothing good about it. People died without any reason. We need to get to the bottom of it or have some reasons on this, for closure indeed. The government obviously should be held to the same standards they hold the Corporations and public too. We own the government, we should not be surrendering our freedoms to something we control. The government could use a little Atkins Diet you know? I fear they do not have the ability or understanding that the Blob is broke in so many departments and agencies. Having first hand knowledge of so much of what I have seen, I think we can do better than this. Using the 9-11 hearings to make a political statement is as sick as the thought of such a conspiracy in the first place. Which, again, I am not buying into that thought. Checks and balances are noble indeed. Interesting enough they mean little if not used in the proper context, because the checks and balances are being abused for the political will of less than ethical men. This would include those who grandstand, those in the media who write leading innuendo articles and those who use such issues as sound bites to run for political office. If the government makes a mistake they should admit it apologize, thank all Americans for paying their taxes and promise to be responsible with the power the people grant them and the money they are entrusted. They should be held accountable. They should concentrate on their number one job, protecting the people. This means to do whatever is necessary to do so. Whether it in advance of a problem or after one. The government should assist in promoting the flows of civilization, not putting up barriers to them to restrict the flows.

The government is owned by us, if we or a large percentage of us want an investigation, then get busy, get it done and let’s do it. But an investigation should not be a blame game like Donald Trumps, Apprentice. And if we were wrong let’s fix it. Without telling the whole world where we lack teeth. Quite frankly some things need to be out of the public. China has called us a paper tiger for years, are we to now agree with them and destroy the unity of America in the process, destroy the strength, will and confidence in our own system? If so how can we legitimately tell other countries to join us in free markets, adopt similar system of rule and order.

How can we stand on a podium to the world and dictate policy. If we destroy all we are and all we have built for something better, what is that something? Simply throwing stones with no solutions is not the answer, unfortunately I am not in charge, so the decisions are not for me to make. But we have come this far and it works so why destroy it now? Why attack it? We can have change without destroying the confidence in the World’s greatest powerhouse at a time when we enter a transition of becoming one united planet. If we keep our strength and integrity, then we can show the world that our system works best and it is the model to be used, if we cannot convince ourselves we will never convince a divided world, which even less united than us. And we should not try to allow our division of ideals of means to keep us from our end goal or allow us to be more divided than the rest of the world. I move we move on, lay down the law in Iraq and get tough as hell. Fix our own problems or challenges here, apologize where we have made mistakes, agree to move forward and deal with the real issues which plague mankind. For instance: Droughts, Food, nutrition, Disease, Education, Distribution, Common Stable currencies Clean Water, Energy, Transportation, Communication, Language and cultural barriers. Oh hell, I can think of a dozen more; and why not. Let’s get this show on the road already, what the heck are we waiting for? I agree that complaints without solutions are simply not good a good enough reason to entertain my thoughts. When I have a problem, I always work for a solution and we all should listen if someone has a better idea that solves more problems simultaneously than the linear decision making which comes from mass media hysteria, followed by ambitious men with less than ethical levels of integrity.

Those are our thoughts and you?”

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