Anti Government, Pro Democracy

Many Americans feel betrayed by their government, our government. I recently met a gentleman at a coffee shop who said he was; Anti-Government and Pro-Democracy. He went into a complete tirade of all the things that are wrong with the government; the typical nightly news events. You know; social security, illegal aliens, over regulation, homosexual marriage, corporate corruption, SPAM, Identity Theft, black-outs, fuel prices; on and on and on. My gosh, I was beginning to actually feel bad that I am an American. I mean all the stuff he mentioned did have a little validity to it. Even though he blew each issue out of proportion completely. I said to him that I am Anti-Hypocrisy and Pro-government. He asked what is the difference?

We got into a lengthy discussion at that point and I explained to him that we are the government and if there was something wrong with it, then in fact he needed to buy a mirror so he could see who is really to blame. He started to get a bit hostile and told me we do not own the government anymore, it is now so large it tries to control every aspect of our lives; he launched into another tirade. This time he talked about; legalizing certain drugs, FCC control of his TV set, Political Correctness in the schools, seat belt and helmet laws, standing in lines at airports, right to shoot someone who tries to steal from you; on and on he went. I mean really another 15-minutes ensued. Patiently taking in all his complaints about the over litigation and trampling of civil rights and freedoms.

We got into another lengthy discussion/debate about whose fault all that might be? In unison this time we said; “look in the mirror.” You see we own the government and if it gets out of control or starts to impede our freedoms, basic civil rights, then look no further as to whom to blame. We all vote? We some of us anyway; Iraq had a better turnout this time around. Our government system is being abused no doubt, by who? By us, that’s who. Every government worker comes from our population; we are not yet in an era of organic robots doing all the work; yet? Every lawmaker comes from the population; we pick em’ they do not pick themselves.

Everyone should be pro-government. If you are anti-government and the government is made up of us. That means you too, don’t try to get out of it; then in fact if you are anti-government you are in fact anti-you. So if you think you suck; well you are right and until you change your opinion, there is nothing much I can do for you. Stop being a hypocrite. Live and let live; develop a little sense of responsibility in that mind of yours. It is a great design and it is a terrible thing to waste. Speak up silent majority. This is your conscious talking. Can you hear me now? Drop the hypocrisy in your own life and vote with what’s left of your mind. If you surrender your mind to the TV set and keep having temper tantrums about the government; then do it in front of a mirror so you can see how silly you look. Thanks for listening and think on this; if you still can; you silly human.

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