911 Could Have Been Prevented, Was It Bush’s Fault?

September 11, 2001 could have been prevented. We could have stopped that International Terrorist Act had we just employed a few simple tools. If we would have simply kept our eyes and ears open and had a plan in place. Was it Bush’s fault? No, it was America’s fault. It is our fault for thinking every thing was fine and that the CIA and FBI could protect us from any one of a hundred different types of attacks. International Terrorists have so many ways to attack us.

Rumsfeld is correct when he said; “we have to be right all the time; they only have to be right once!” Yes in fact this is true, that means it is up to every American to keep their eyes and ears open and to make certain that we take up the responsibility to know our communities and neighbors. It is so ironic that every time they catch one of these International Terrorists in the United States that they live in a middle class neighborhood and have a squeaky clean record. How on Earth would anyone suspect them?

Well if you keep your eyes and ears open and pay attention it may not be as hard as you think at all. I have developed a plan that would have prevented these terrorist attacks. It is not Bush’s fault, how could it have been, I never sent in my idea. I have never even met the gentleman. My plan is a take off on the Neighborhood Watch Theme, with a special emphasis on becoming the eyes and ears of the community. Not just one community all communities. To be a mobile net-centric community watch program, which will make us strong and tight. Here is my plan: http://www.lancewinslow.org/nmwp.shtml

You see folks it is not Bush’s fault he inherited the humungous bureaucracy. It is our fault for not seeking proof that government was protecting us. We all assumed; you and I and everyone, that we were being protected. Yet in reality that is a totally false assumption how on Earth can you protect against International Terrorism? You can’t. You need human intel on the ground, everywhere all the time. If we had such a thing in place like this Mobile Neighborhood Watch Program before 9-11 then we surely would have caught the bad guys, because everyone would have been heads up about the real problems and vulnerabilities we have in a free society. We now know and we are watching and chances are we will keep catching the bad guys because we are diligent in our efforts to keep a look out. The authorities are too, but they cannot be everywhere all the time. That’s where you can come in and set up a neighborhood mobile watch program in your community today. Think on this.

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