How Many Cases Will Elliot Spitzer Lose Now?

The devastating loss in case of Elliot Spitzer for NY Governator VS. Bank of America has set back the mirage behind the man who would be king. His case has clothes and his paper work no validity. This was one of the first of his high profile cases to run its course in the New York Court system. Apparently the house of cards like a bunch of watered down cattle is now public. The ponzi governor is now cut short. If only the election could have been two-weeks ago he might have fooled everyone that his entire career was not built on false premise.

But alas, the clock was ticking and the façade was illuminated and behind was an angry man without integrity hiding behind a mound of paperwork the terrorist threats against the corporations and their executives and directors which have made America what it is. This nation is the greatest country ever created in the history of mankind. Two men of this decade had attempted to destroy all we are and all we have built. Those men are none other than Osama Bin Laden and Elliot Spitzer.

And so the as the main character unravels while plot thickens and the saga continues, it is evident where the story is headed. Elliot Spitzer’s cases are made of less than junk science and his “Talley Band” of junior regulators are left with a boss who is unfit to lead. Elliot Spitzer has abused power in a Machiavellian scheme epic proportions and his demise will be similar to the brutal dictators who have taken down throughout history.

There will be few tears shed as Elliot Spitzer falls from grace and attempts damage control of his reputation and his new fate as a political casualty. Joy from across the land from Wall Street to Los Angeles as another anti-American bites the dust. This country is United and we do not need anyone in the New York attorney generals office to tell us otherwise.

The greatest people in the world are the producers, innovators and entrepreneurs who run the largest and most hard charging corporations; they are the ones, which bring us choice and quality of life. We thank you all the jury has made a decree, we love America and we are all on the same team.

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