Political Correctness got you down?

I hear it all the time; you can’t say that. But why not, I just did you see? Besides it’s the truth isn’t it? They say; “well yes, it is the truth, but you cannot say that!” Do you sometimes believe it is all a bunch of crap? We have the PC police running around telling you what you can and cannot say now? Wow, I know there is a law about how you are to do just about everything you do, but now we have unspoken laws about things you cannot speak of and it is all a big secret? And do not ask what these things are you cannot even mention it. Really? What about normal human interaction and conversation? Oh and before I continue another one of my “Rants from Lance” series here there is a good book you should read, well actually a couple of them. Okay let’s begin with a book I just finished reading;

“The Ten Things You Cannot Say in America” by Larry Elders

You really should read this book before you tell anyone you are a liberal and want to help everyone. It talks about racism from a reality standpoint and exactly who is a racist and who is not. It goes heavy on the health care system, it tells the truth about the media. The topics of interest also include gun control, our impending welfare state, the war on drugs, the difference or lack of difference between democrats and republicans. The book is extremely controversial and funny with some bizarre stories and incidents that will make you mad, make you laugh and make you puke. It is important that you understand the reality of what is going on before passing judgment. You will like it even if parts piss you off. I came away with laughter. Tell me what you think.

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