Liberal Agenda and Communism; Lance Rants

If we go hog wild towards the liberal agenda where everything is equal and everything is fair and it does not matter if you produce or not or have any productivity all you’re still entitled the same amount of potatoes, then you will find every American in line for said potatoes. Think of this unemployment lines of 2000 as our inability to live within reality as we listen to podium pushers promise us the world of unattainable dreams, of an unreachable utopia for the impossible price of FREE? Oh really since when? Quite frankly it cannot exist without the commitment, integrity and teamwork that built this country in the first place. Freedom is not free, it did not just pop up one day and say HELLO, HERE I AM, HOPE YOU LIKE IT.

No sir, freedom was paid for, it was bought and paid for by the blood, sweat and tears of those that came before us and wanted to live as three-man and by God they achieved something and it is just crazy for us to throw all that away based on the desire to get something for nothing and foolish for us to believe in any leadership that promises such. Give me a break, it doesn’t work that way, it never has. The great leaders who built this country; the innovators, the Warriors, the entrepreneurs, the bankers, the tradesman and yes a few scoundrels (little greedy bastards, yes it is true some of those too) did so at great personal sacrifice, some of them losing everything they had, still others forfeited their lives for the chance that others might live free, their gamble paid off and here we are, thank you. Yes folks they fought on their feet not on their knees. Have you noticed how low the unemployment rate is now that we have come back to slight sense of reality? Imagine what we can do if we continue this course?Think on this.

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