Hillary Says Health Care Can Be Fixed with IT

The great leader and Senator from New York and wife of a former President cares about America and says that Health Care can be fixed with IT? Yes, perhaps that will help with accountability of the taxpayers wasted dollars in Health Care indeed. But how will that help the quality of Health Care?

What I find interesting is that President Bush a couple of years ago said that he believed that the HIPPA Legislation would be able to be handled by entrepreneurial problem solvers through IT. Indeed, this is coming to be and as the prices get cheaper we are seeing even smaller community hospitals and clinics. So whatever Hillary is saying was certainly nothing new, in fact it is two-years after that fact. Further more much money is being spent on IT work for Department of Homeland Security and these budgets will be trimmed as Net Centric Warfare and the Justice Department finds their rear ends. Meaning these government contractors, which have huge lobbyists and a potential presidential candidate once again is courting big bank roles from government contractors.

For someone to say that somehow this approach helps the village raise the mature Americans is silly indeed. It just means more government spending on IT to fix a system, which is so broken it is, cannot be glued back together no matter whose computer system you use, thus lots more money will be spent on IT work in Health Care. Today we see Military and DHS and even the FBI computer program software and IT a complete debacle. Remember the Carnivore, Virtual Case File or even the Navy-Marine Intranet system with EDS? Talk about taxpayer’s money down the virtual BS Gitmo Toilets?

I predict that spending on such stuff will continue not to solve mankind’s problems, as even with the best database systems, the information contained within is junk data. I predict the Beltway and suburbs near Washington DC to end up like the problems in Silicon Valley. Same crap different day; read the writing on the walls. Surely Hillary can see where this is heading if she believes her own political positioning and rhetoric. I am not against the current administration nor for the next up and coming; I am simply examining the facts and observations, which no one seems to wish to talk about. Why; why are we not asking questions of these things? That government is ours, we own it, it is our money; we damn well have the right to know. And since everything the government does, does not work all that well; how about we cut our losses, save some money and aggravation and have them do a lot less of all this stuff they promise. Shame on us, not once have they lived up to the promise and yet every election season more of the same podium pushing promises, to appease the masses while they jockey for position in the media to control our minds. If the government could do one thing right, just one, then maybe the X’ers will put their faith back in it. For instance getting rid of SPAM, Identity theft or something of value? How can we trust them to fix the health care system using computers when they cannot even stop the hackers?

Some say they can trust them as far as they can throw them? Which is a lot as our trade deficit mounts and we are caught under a load of debt, while we forgive every other nation for theirs as we pay the interest? We are financing our own demise? Are you sure you wish to put faith in politicians whose answer is to spend more money on the things, which are already not working? You know rather than me stand here and talk about it, why don’t you think about it.

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