Iranian Elections and Boiling Points

The Iranian elections are certainly interesting indeed. The ruling party is doing their utmost to block satellite TV downloads which might not be positive to their rulers. In fact they are using microwaves to disrupt the satellite TV and Internet prior to the election. This is typical of a corrupt regime. The opposing groups are quite concerned over this abuse of power and violation of their freedoms of press and speech.

There have been several bombings of government buildings trying to stop the health costs of these microwave beams into the populated areas of Tehran. Is Iran over stepping its bounds and trying to gain more control over its masses? Will the peoples of Iran ever be free from harm? Will the masses rise up and fight off the radical and tyrannical government there? Do they have the manhood to do what is right?

Some Iranians have had enough and want to boycott the elections, but if they do they will simply have more of the same. Others want everyone out in force voting. Yet if they vote the hardliner radicals out, will they actually leave or simply call the election void as they did not like the results and have no intention of leaving power. There is a good chance of that and the citizens and moderates of Iran will need to fight if they want true democracy and freedom. They may lack the will to do what is right or the manhood to fight for their freedoms, some say.

What can America do, but show her current support for those enslaved to the tyrannical government which threatens more than just her population, but the world as well; with Weapons of Mass Destruction capable of killing millions of people in other nations which are free, worthy of mention and pillars of what the world can become. Will the Iranian people do the right thing and take care of their problematic government there? We shall see, as the world is watching to see if Iranians have what it takes to do what must be done. Think on this.

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