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Hitler received a legacy from his Rothschild relations in Vienna where he and his father before him had studied. The De Medicis agent named St. Germain had established a solid schooling system for the occult in Vienna. You hear a great deal about Hitler and his weird sexual relations.

There is so much about Hitler and his occult handlers which one must understand in order to see why the Germans tried at Nuremberg were not allowed to talk about occult programming and esoteric mind control. Here is something important that includes the Cistercians and some of Hitler’s handlers. I do indeed include the Dulles Skull & Bones family with the Bushes who were named in the funding of Hitler and trading with the enemy issues surrounding Prescott Bush. There is a great deal in the following quote from a Holocaust site which we must deal with in this book.

“1893 February 24 Guido von List lectures on the ancient cult of Wotan and its priesthood to the nationalist Verein, “Deusche Geschichte.” List claims that this extinct religion was the national religion of the Teutons before it was destroyed by Christianity. In time, this ancient priesthood will form the basis of his entire political mythology.1893 April 7 Allen Welsh Dulles is born in Watertown, New York.1893 July 31 Adolf Josef Lanz, age 19, becomes a novice at the Cistercian monastery in Heiligenkreuz on the present Austrian-Hungarian border. Lanz was born in Vienna on July 19, 1874, but later claimed to have been born at Messina, Sicily, on May 1, 1872. To mislead astrologers, he said.1895 January 24 Sir Randolph Churchill (1849-95), father of Winston Churchill, dies. At the time of his death, his estate owes Nathaniel “Natty” Rothschild and Rothschild’s Bank more than 66,000 pounds, a huge sum at that time. Had this been generally known, it would have caused a major scandal since he had always shown great favor to the Rothschild family and its various business interests. (The Churchills) 1895 The Sphinx, one of the most powerful advocates of the Germanic occult revival, ceases publication. It had been published since 1886 by Wilhelm Hubbe-Schleiden, founder of the first German Theosophical Society at Elberfeld in July 1884.” (1)

Conor Cruise O’Brien gave a speech to a group of international performing artists which I hope the readers of this book will be encouraged to find. In it he notes the influence of the Wagnerian cult that is pre-Christian and yet might be true Christianity as Hitler would have argued. We will have to maintain an open-mind if we are going to understand rather than trivialize the forces at work that still run this world. I hope we can improve on it because I fear the lack of ethics in an age of rampant technological power capable of ending all life on earth is soon upon us. Here is a little of that speech.

“In the case of Hitler, the phrase ‘the cult of Wagner’ is not a mere figure of speech. This was a cult in which he believed as fanatically as any devotee has ever believed in supernatural revelation. The depth of his commitment to the cult is apparent from what he did early in 1923 on the eve of the most important decision of his life to date: that of whether or not to head a rebellion against Versailles, in Munich. In preparation for that decision the daemonic devotee repaired to the great shrine of his faith, at Bayreuth, in northern Bavaria. There he consulted the oracles, custodians of the shrine, Winifred Wagner and Houston Stewart Chamberlain. Winifred was the composer’s daughter-in-law; Chamberlain the great English apologist for imperial Germany. Both were passionate nationalists; Chamberlain had been one of the first proponents in the service of the generals of the myth of the Dolchstoss, in the closing months of the First World War. Both warmly encouraged the project Hitler was considering. Hitler returned from Bayreuth with his mind made up.

The Bierkeller Putsch of 1923 has been trivialised in retrospect, like so much in Hitler’s career. It has been depicted as a ludicrous failure. This is to misunderstand its nature which falls within the performing arts, in their larger sense, and is also near to those arts in their narrower sense. It was never intended as a serious revolt in the literal and military sense. It was a symbolic revolt, resembling to that extent, and in that respect, the Easter Rising seven years before in Dublin, Ireland and indeed it also resembled that earlier and distinct revolt in being closely linked to the performing arts. The Wagner of Dublin’s Easter Rising was W. B. Yeats (A near alchemist of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn who became its head man after Crowley was booted for his purposeful conflicts.}. His virulently nationalist play, Cathleen Ni Houlihan, performed in 1902 by Maud Gonne, had been an inspiration for the generation of the rebels of 1916. This was a thought that troubled Yeats on his deathbed when he wrote: Did that play of mine send out / Certain men the English shot?” (2)

You may have heard about the media coverage of the Wright Brother’s flight and how it took three years before Scientific American stopped trying to debunk it. You may already know about the early 20th Century Patent Office Official who declared ‘everything that could be discovered was discovered’. You may even know about the Paris Academy of Sciences official who throttled the presenter of the phonograph claiming he was a ventriloquist. These things are funny in a way, but they are not unusual. Unfortunately you are going to have to think if you read this book. You will have to ask yourself how stupid we have been to allow a lot of lies to pass for truth.

How does one find out what a religion or national identity is about? You can ask the people who live or believe and follow the system to inform you. But if you rely on that alone you will invariably get a lot of hype and unexamined beliefs. We all know the various Abrahamic religions have sects that hate and wage war upon each other but it is not so different in other areas of belief which people like to think is wisdom or knowledge. The same thing is true with history. I can attest to the fact that the Flat Earth and Bible Narrative fictions have an enduring impact on what people think about history. People actually believe there was a time when mariners thought the earth was flat ? I kid you not. They think they know these things because they read them in accredited books from professors who hold forth on the subjects they study which are narrow in focus. Seldom do these teachers keep up to date with other fields of endeavour.

The truly amazing thing to me is the extent to which people defend the myths and fictions of history. Even when presented with facts and artifacts, people still want to believe in some alien influence rather than human ingenuity. And the really funny thing is they call someone who presents the facts and evidences of that advanced human culture by terms like Conspiracy Theorist. I wonder how we will ever get past these myths if people are not willing to learn the facts. There are all manner of people saying they are Druids, Wiccans and other sorts of people who claim their view of history is true ? it is not just the major religions. The facts should do the talking rather than wishful thinking cults or imaginary aliens. Let’s just forget all the dragon people and Chanes myths and know they were useful myths that kept people in line and start looking at reality for a change.

It was long before the recent X and Y genetic research came to my attention when I had already written many books using other disciplines that showed the secret trading Empires that empowered the Divine Kings and other debauched and immoral organizations. Corporatism as defined by Chomsky is not new by any stretch of the imagination. His work is a necessary read for anyone wanting to know the structural deficiencies of our oligarchies.

Sir John Davies was one of the paladins of the Stuart king of England who crafted a new Bible. The Stuart/Jacobin intrigues of war and aristocracies are just one aspect of an interesting alternative history that might make sense of why prejudices were fostered rather than collective pride and joy in learning and growing as a human family. Sir John was the Attorney General of Ireland under James I and he observed:

“There is no nation of people under the sun that doth love equal and indifferent justice better that the Irish, or will rest better satisfied with the execution thereof, although it be against themselves, as they may have protection and benefit of the law when upon just cause they do deserve it.” His Master of the Court of Wards, Sir William Parsons said: “We must change their (Irish) course of government, apparel, manner of holding land, language and habit of life. It will otherwise be impossible to set up in them obedience to the laws and to the English empire.”

In doing my book on Custer and Keogh (An Irishman that our family legend says we are related to. It is the name of my paternal grandmother.) I was drawn back again to one of the themes of my first published book called Diverse Druids. The commonality of many Mystery Schools that form the basis of all religions and secret societies is what we need to address in greater detail due to their political deceits and serious soul-grabbing efforts. The Jacobins or Jacobites and Johannites or other names for those who say they know the real Jesus or the truth he was taught are so numerous as to make your head spin. What can I say about the Essenes when I see they have Knights Templar or when I know Crowley is quoted by Martinists who form alliances with Rosicrucians while negating the Phoenicians they acknowledge were important to their historical genesis?

The people who tell the legends about the Pale Prophet being Jesus as he came to America and trace this to modern Catholicism are making more myths. There were many Pale Prophets because many people came to trade and live in the Americas when Europe was under medieval control of Divine Kings and the like. It had been going on long before Jesus too. I will only include a little on Quetzalcoatl/Verachocha/Kukulcan/Xolotl and the Prince of Palenque again to illustrate this point. It will also include a description of some ‘blood sports’ rituals that carry on to the present day Skull & Bones people so keep a barf bag handy.

Maybe I cannot do all I sense is important to achieve if we are to break down the barriers these religions and their inner sanctums are so often found engaged in building. Zarathustra and his Magian Sarmoung or the Tarim Basin’s Mt. Meru are all part of what must be seen in antiquity. We must try to de-mystify the religious experience and make it unnecessary to follow others in seeing or feeling our soul.

We have seen the institutionalized support of Divine Kings in the last two centuries. In far earlier times these Nobles had to answer to the people to a far greater extent. Marjorie Kelly is the author of The Divine Right of Capital and she is on this track or train of thought. Noam Chomsky says global corporatism and the frauds they create or the assassins in government that do their bidding, while being given new technologies paid for by taxpayers, is the greatest threat to life on earth. This book will endeavour to pin the tail on the real donkey. Don’t be surprised if that ‘ass’ is in the mirror. It takes about eight per cent of the voting stock to control a company and get the bulk of the cash or assets working for you. Why do we allow Enron, Dole and Anaconda to dictate the foreign policy while letting other cronies milk the market for all they can? Most people have not even heard about the Physiocrats who some scholars say was the first economic school.

You will hear more than you want to hear and it might make you feel sicker than watching the news on Faux TV where the owner brazenly admits his employees are not allowed to report anything he doesn’t agree with. That Rupert Murdoch ‘fella’ really deserved the Congressional approval of his special tax status when he moved to the US. I kid you not. I think he did. In a world where the super-rich can locate anywhere they want it only makes sense to bid for them to come to your country and spread some of that cash around wherever you are.

There are times when I find the same people are being studied or admired and even leading the Jacobin or Martinist cults and yet they are fighting each other. Does this speak to someone above them who plays them for fools? We have been told a lot of things in ‘his’-story that served the purposes of those who kept us in the dark (for AGES). When you see that Sitting Bull and Black Elk are influenced by the Catholic inner sanctum Masonic people such as Malachi Martin writes about, you begin to wonder if his name and Martinism is connected with the Luciferians he writes about. This Martin was a Vatican professor who advised three Popes.

How much of the intrigue surrounding the abuse of religion was known to Pelikan, the eminent scholar of Yale University, is a matter of conjecture. He certainly would have known about Prescott Bush and the other Skull and Bones people named in court proceedings for trading with the enemy. He most certainly would have known about the Rockefeller involvement in the family of Jesus or Merovingian group that includes the Rothschilds and Kennedy family. And he should have known a lot more about the man (Rothschild illegitimate that Hitler’s father was) who called himself ‘the torch-bearer for Jesus’. I have delved into the matter of esoteric teachings most of my life. I am sure there is a great deal I will never know about the von Neumann he spent time with in Vienna. You must ask yourself why Old Joe Kennedy and the Brown Bros./Harriman/Bush and the later Bilderbergs of Prince Bernhard or the Beacon Hill Mob of Rockefeller/Rothschilds were supporting Hitler and Stalin both.

Here is part of a review of Hitler’s Secret Book which was his follow up to the well-known Mein Kampf. “? akin to Machiavelli’s Il Principe, it’s the sequel to Mein Kampf and should be read right after it, it’s even better when you think of it. It’s simply amazing what this brilliant man accomplished in his short lifespan; such an explosion of creativity in so many fields, and yet a man of action. The case could also be made that the Third Reich he founded, after many twists and turns, and with another name (European Union), is still growing and expanding? let’s hope a national Russia purged from Trotskys, Khodorkovskys and Berezovskys joins the EU some day; so that the great territorial expansion in the East ‘on the largest scale’ Adolph Hitler spoke about can finally take place, for the benefit of all European nations.

?The reason is very simple; everything he wrote and planned came true. It’s powerful stuff and it’s something to learn from. History was Hitler’s favorite subject and that is clearly on display in Hitler’s Secret Book in which he discusses the South Tyrol problem. It displays his excellent grasp of history and the reality of power politics in the 1920s. It does not matter what you think of feel about the Nazis-read this book, you will learn a lot.” (3)

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