Do Not Tell The Truth

Do you really want to get ahead in your life? Do you want to grow a business really large? Do you want to be powerful? Well then do what works. For instance the United States Government is big and powerful. They control every aspect of your life and your business if you own one. They never tell the truth about much of anything. An example would be the Justice Department and their bunk lawsuits. Much of the time they make stuff up, doctor the truth and file it in court. Why do they do this, it seems to be unethical? Well, because it works. You see the Justice Department has had lots of practice suing law abiding Americans and they have failed a lot and study what works. Like the Donald Trump show they have learned to slander brand names and people in the court of public opinion and trump their almighty ethics. Same as the kids as they lie, cheat and smear their fellow man on the Donald Trump “You’re Fired” series. The Government has learned this tactic to win cases.

They have learned to not tell the truth, deny any sense of responsibility, place blame on anything, which occurs. Most of the businesses they sue are sued due to discrepancies in law, the same laws they created. One agency tells you to do it one way and another agency a different way. The business owner has to decide which agency’s rules to follow in which jurisdictions and which is the least likely to get them sued. The government regulators know this, so they have an abundance of quote; “criminals” after all they created them. Then some moron, brain dead regulator with an axe to grind because they are envious of over achievers and winners, business owners, starts fabricating a story, writes it down, throws in a little profiling and files it in a court? The court obviously sides with the government after all they are the government. The government regulatory bodies use Public Relations tactics and falsely miss represents them selves so that the citizens think they are actually doing good things. The Businessman who is the pillar of his community is slandered, which cannot be done without lying. The government and mind you this is at every level from the code enforcement of a city, where we recently found the BTK-Bind, torture and kill to the Federal Regulator who lies on the stand to make a case as in the Martha Stewart case.

Now the regulatory bodies are so big and mighty in the ever-growing blob of bureaucracy that a small business has no chance. The only way to beat their lies is to grow really big like they are and hire homosexual call boys as lobbyists to suck a little you know what. This way you can relieve the stress of the brain dead loser regulators who wish to attack your company because quite frankly they have nothing better in life to do. And that folks is the honest to God’s truth. You see why you should lie? If you ever tell it like it is, the blob will work real hard to stop you.

So learn from the government to get a “Head” pun intended. Stop fighting it. Go with the flow and lie, lie, lie like the government you know? I believe that the government regulators have been lying so long about their own minutia, that they would not recognize it if they found it anyway. So, why bother telling the truth, helping the consumer or even running an honest business? Just lie like they do and turn in your competitors; call them a bum, after all apparently this is as far as the human race has cum. (intended). Think on it and like it or not that’s the truth.

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