Great Melting Pot Indeed

An interesting conversation that I thought I must share with you. Today in a coffee shop in the United States of America the subject matter turned to South of the Border. We discussed the politically hot topic of Illegal Immigration to the US from Mexico. In our discussion we both agreed that all of our ancestors came here from somewhere else. Of course many of us have at least some native Indian in our bloodlines.

Since we are the great melting pot, which I pointed out to my new found conversationalist, shouldn’t we be melting? He then turned to me and said; “oh, we are the great melting pot; we are melting illegal aliens with US citizens!” Interesting statement indeed and of course he had a point. If we go back far enough we are all related, yet we have sacrificed much to build this great nation and we must protect our civilization and protect it from collapse. Economically or from; enemies foreign or domestic, that is the promise of our government, is it not? Indeed it is; we both agreed.

Now then how can we melt such different value sets, thought processes and cultures? Well, we have had harder melts in our populous in the past so anything is possible. Yet my friend went on to ask another question. If an illegal alien is here illegally; illegal being the operative word then they have broken the law and are now a criminal. So if they melt with an honest citizen then the offspring are what; Criminals or Honest children? He then went on to describe a Hispanic family; Mom and two sons who broke into a warehouse in broad daylight to rip it off. They were not only illegals, they were caught and sent to jail. Well, I said that is where they belong right? He said; “yes of course but who is paying for that?” Then he went on further to tell me that if they broke the law to get here and do not respect our laws, why would you trust them to not break other laws of our land? I completely lost my argument and his point is well taken. Will you please think on this for me?

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