US Government Regulators and Aides with AIDS

All government regulators or diplomat who are in high risk categories for contracting AIDS as well as senior aides in our nations capital who routinely travel abroad must be tested if they have any drug history or are homosexual. Other wise our aides and diplomats will be exporting AIDS. How can we as a nation put forth restrictions from certain countries or travelers from certain lands who may have contracted diseases such as Bird Flu, Small Pox or other pathogen if we are sending our own government workers abroad who could infect citizens of other nations with AIDS.

I propose we test any government employee who is a homosexual before each trip abroad to insure they are not passing on such terrible diseases. Recently I was reading of a promotion of a government regulator to an international assignment. I personally know this person to be a homosexual and suspect he has the AIDS Virus. Yet he is meeting and perhaps wining and dining with foreign counterparts on government paid trips; is he spreading the AIDS Virus? Yes or No? The fact is only he knows and probably does not care. So we must be sure that our regulatory bodies are not exporting more than Aides, because God forbid if they are exporting AIDS then we are not walking our own talk.

How dare we set out plans at the CDC to curb the Bird Flu by cutting off access to Vietnam, South China or other nations? Yes, we now have plans ready to be implemented at a drop of a hat if a pandemic breaks out. We want China to come clean on their problems with Bird Flu and the number of deaths yet we fail to test our own government workers traveling on tax payers money who are in ultra high risk categories and may have AIDS? What hypocrites we are to allow this to go unchecked.

I propose mandatory AIDS tests for government workers on foreign assignment and provisional passports which require testing before every single trip out of our country to any nation that is not an enemy or that we are not at war with. This law needs to be passed before we impose our laws on other nations. We must come clean if we are to ask other nations to level with us on their disease challenges. Think on this.

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