How to Become a Whistle Blower

Since the United States Government is promoting the whistle blower concept it is every citizens duty to report fraud and abuse of power in any branch of government. We must have an equal and level playing field. If the government relies on snitches, tattle tales and disgruntled whistle blowers to make up lies and report them to government regulators and honors such folks, then this is a clear signal to seek out dishonest government.

Anyone can be a whistle blower since the government does so many obvious things, which are unethical. The abuse of power is often done right out in the open. Now is your chance to join Thomas Paine and become a pain in their unethical rear ends. You are probably thinking, well yes this is a great idea indeed. But you ask yourself how do I get started? Well there are lots of ways for instance if you are a loud mouth environmentalist you can take a pseudo scientific or even a non-scientific study and write an article about it in an Environmental online newsletter, website or paper. These articles get published often before the regular news or such like; “millionaire businessman gives to charity” articles.

First pick a controversial topic to catch everyone’s attention and then spin it with innuendos which, half-truths and then just fabricate the rest and lead the reader into an opinion of mistrust. Tout yourself as a whistle blower or pick some group and call them the whistleblowers. After all more people listen to whistle blowers than those who produce anything; anyone can be a whistle blower, I met one today who told me that 9-11 was a conspiracy and offered all kinds of anti-government slurs.

Second keep referencing various sources as much as possible, even if it come from some ridiculous opinionated website or unnamed source. If you do not have the right quote and need one simply ask a friend to be your source. Say something like do you believe Dolphins are being killed by the oil drilling in Oklahoma? There answers should be a repeat of your question: “I believe dolphins are being killed by oil drilling in Oklahoma” and maybe add in another blasphamist comment to top it off such as; “. . .and it is a travesty as the dolphin populations are at severe risk!” Then quote them. If they have a degree of any kind this helps. For instance if your friend attended a University or has a PhD make sure to put that next to their name in the quote.

Third; try to put in a history lesson for the reader such as the dolphin population charts of Zimbabwee or try to find a fine given to a Wild Cat’er in the Permian Basin in 1932. Site some recent oil spills and the amount of Nox, CO2 in the atmosphere in 1988, even put a chart or graph in the article. Also make sure to show the vertical side bar in small increments and the horizontal side bar in large increments to show rapid and sharp increases. Ross Perot did this; you can too?

Forth; weave a conspiracy theory into the article and realize if you want change be sure to point fingers.

Well that is how you can be a whistle blower too and promote your agenda in the world thru the media. Being a squeaky wheel and whistle blower has its advantages, because now you can play the victim card too. Remember the joker is wild in this out of control scare tactic battlefield. Now go out there and cause sound and fury so I have more material to refute, condemn or condone, as I am a writer too and you humans are quite pathetic and boring. We need news, views and lies too. How else can we keep our ratings up? Think on this, you are now a whistle blower with an elevated status?

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