Osama bin Laden Needs a Pay Raise

Osama bin Laden probably needs to get a pay raise, as he has not sent in any new videos lately to scare us via Al Jezerz TV. Where oh where has our little dog gone? We need OBL to keep us in fear. Without a really evil type protagonist it makes everyone look really stupid in all these Middle Eastern conflicts? We have tried to promote other bad guys to the scene, various Cleric Lunatics who are in sighting Muslim Radical Jihadists to the battle. But it is not working. Everyone is asking where Osama bin Laden really is. Hiding in a cave sounded really funny and cool, but obviously that was bogus?

The CIA says we; “have a pretty excellent idea where he is?” Hmm, oh really? Well then go get him dummy. If he is in Pakistan of course we have to wait until we get paid on that last sale of F-16s to “the General; What’s his name?” We should have had OBLs head on a stick by now, apparently he is working for us, there can be no other excuse besides incompetence in the CIA, which some say is the actual reason?

Perhaps we need another speech, tape or video to keep this all going? Maybe we can call on Hollywood to make another one? Look here is the deal, if we are going to create some masterful fictional created reality of Good VS. Evil and then level a couple of buildings in NYC, at least we can have someone’s head on a stick who is said to have caused it all? Why not, why is that so much to ask for? The bin Laden family owe us that? Blood maybe thicker than water, but is it thicker than oil? Where is he? I have a stick? We need his head.

For us to say we have bigger fish to fry in the war on International Terrorism is all good and wonderful and maybe we do. But if we are going to send in Aircraft Carriers, Marines, USAF stealth and Army Apache Attack Helicopters, I think the US Citizen wants some results. Surely you can keep them busy with media events such as Michael Jackson Trial and the missing Aruba girl and what have you, but humans as dumb as they are never going to go for your next scheme until we find and kill Osama bin Laden as promised. Look I am not all that good in lip reading you know? I want to see the image of his head on a stick you know what I mean? The 9-11 victims deserve it, we as Americans deserve it. Let’s rap this International Terrorism thing up it is time to unite the peoples of the world in a greater common cause. Besides everyone including the money elite will be better served with a new plan of attack. It is time to win the war on International Terrorism and not talk about it. Think on this we need a headshot and OBL’s mug detached on our TV ASAP.

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