Is This All There Is?

In today’s Rants from Lance session I address the question many American’s are asking them selves? Is this all there is? I myself have a number of questions along this theme? I believed it, when I was told of the American Dream and when I found out it was a lie; I wanted to scream. I worked hard, did every thing right tried the best I could and was able to sleep at night. But alas the game is rigged. So you ask is this all there is?

Do you ever wonder why the greatest nation ever created in the history of mankind cannot get past where we are today? Do you ever wonder why our leaders make short-term numskull decisions? Do you ever wonder why the United States is divided or why we are slowly moving aside for the next great nation to take over our number one position? It seems that everything is “all wrong” and that you cannot say the truth for you might offend someone? You cannot call a homeless person a loser, you cannot call a liar or a thief what they are. You cannot defend yourself, property or family without being sued? Your church is molesting your children, your leaders are lying to you, your education system sold you short and your government keeps taxing you. Yet the government cannot do anything right, moves to slow to correct its errors and you are to blame for saying anything about it. So you ask is this all there is?

Indeed, is this all there is? Well from where I stand and all I have observed after traveling to every city in the country over ten thousand, the answer is yes. This is all there is and it will remain this way until YOU do something about it. Until YOU take a stand. Until you are so fed up with all the bull that YOU say something. Until then my friend yes, this is all there is and it is exactly all YOU deserve. Because it is you who stood on the sidelines and did nothing and it is you who failed to heed the warning of all those who came before us in previous periods; It is you who denied that history repeats itself and it is you who settled for mediocrity in your own life. It is you who is lethargic and often says there is nothing you can do, that is the way it is and it is you who is willing to settle for things the way they are. If you find that you are asking yourself; “Is this all there is?” then maybe you should be asking the mirror in front of you and then calling yourself to a higher purpose and help us get things rocking again. We need not become another footnote in the annals of history as a great nation, which once was, because YOU will not get off your rear end and help US fix the problem. Anyway the time has come for your to make a stand, stand for what is right and do what needs to be done. Other wise you will fall for anything. The American Dream is possible and we must make it so. Too many of our ancestors died to see it thru for us to simply allow it to be stolen from us in the political correctness of a blob of bureaucracy. Is this a call for a revolution? Certainly not, but it is a call for you to stop complaining and fix what you can where you are. I hope you will re-evaluate your answer to the question: “Is this all there is?” Think on it.

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