RSS Meet Targets Advani

The RSS is getting feedback from its 140 pracharaks or local leaders from across the country and the news is not good for BJP President LK Advani.

Many pracharaks want more pressure to be put on Advani after what they call his “ideological deviations”.

However, with BJP National Secretary Sudheendra Kulkarni’s resignation yesterday, one of the major RSS demands has already been accepted.

RSS ideology

NDTV has learnt that these 140 pracharaks want to force Advani out of the post of party president.

They say the BJP chief’s comments praising Jinnah have made it very difficult for them to project the RSS ideology.

However, those attending the meeting ostensibly to discuss training are not saying much on record.

“All the issues are being discussed in the meeting. We will tell you the outcome at the end of the three-day meet,” said Kanshiram Rana, BJP leader.

Pressure tactics

In a move directed at putting pressure on LK Advani, the RSS pracharaks are even considering the extreme step of closing down their shakhas or daily meetings of their cadre in Gujarat and Rajasthan.

It’s a move they gamble aimed at hurting the BJP politically as the shakhas feed the BJP cadres.

The RSS is also considering to recall all those Sangh workers who were on deputation in the BJP – again a move to hurt the BJP at an organisational level.

The only thing that has emerged clearly is that LK Advani is no more the blue-eyed boy of the RSS and any attempts made by him to reach out to the Sangh are not working.

While the RSS is not keen to spend its entire meeting on Advani’s political future, they do want to tell all the workers within the Sangh Parivar that LK Advani is to be blamed for the existing problems.

Kumar B

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