Debt Relief and Reality Check

The United States and other first world nations have been asked to forgive debts of foreign third world nations. We have obliged in doing so. This is a tremendous gift to the world, yet there are a few problems with this. Number one; that money, we as a nation are paying interest on the debt. It adds to our national debt. Another issue is that when you give away money you make others weak; “give a man a fish” theory. Often when we give other nations monies we do so for a specific ear marked use.

Often what we find is that the nation’s leadership lacks the integrity to use all the monies for the appropriate endeavor. In Nigeria the leadership absconded with money, which was ear marked for the impoverished and for medical needs. Yet the leadership bought a band new Gulfstream Jet Aircraft. Of about 45 million given in this one instance, 30 million was spent on hangar upgrades, pilot’s salaries, security and the aircraft itself. Only 15 million is “Said” to have gone for its intended purpose. This minor example is irrelevant in the over all scheme of things, as this goes on worldwide.

As we end up forgiving the debts of nations in the third world, we must realize that there are significant issues. We keep pointing to the poor and impoverished and how it is not fair. Indeed, everyone agrees that is a travesty, as water supplies, raw sewage, diseases, power, communication and education all need funds to get going and a nation in debt behind the eight ball can never get out of dodge. Similarly those who work at low wages in the United States often find the costs of living in excess of the salary they take in causing issues with insurance, driver’s licenses, apartment rental, health care, proper food nutrients and then credit card debt and poor credit ratings. This makes it impossible for them to get out of debt. So the issue is fundamental and indeed quite simple to understand.

It is hard for some to wish to forgive the debts of such nations, because the money was not well spent or stolen. It seems if we are to forgive such large debts to foreign nations we need to rethink our future strategy at the World Bank. Here is a thought. If a country “wants” funding then we ought to see what it is for. Then hire US or First World Nation Contractors to build whatever it is they need in those third world countries ‘wanting’ money. I propose that we have first world nations under contract and fair transparency of accounting go in and build those things, which are necessary for level playing fields and civilization. The Flows of civilization are in fact necessary to allow for the forward progression of a culture or human based society. When I say “flows of civilization” I refer to those things that first world nations have secured that have allowed them to remain solid foundations and civilizations; The flow of water, energy, transportation, communication, distribution, education, common currency, common language, trade, etc. are keys to any ongoing civilization. If you invest in those things you will find a greater chance for success on collecting on the loans and even if you have to forgive some in the future, you will still have made out ahead of the game for the people living in such regions.

I propose that sewer treatment plants, water filtration, wells and desalination plants be first on the list and build sturdy enough that even direct hit from a 500 Lb. Bomb will not hurt them. Many third world nations are still at war, but the infrastructure must remain in tact. If you do not have clean water everything else is for not because people will be dying and the child mortality rate will remain 5:1. It is possible to do this and needs to be done this way. Also those companies under contract to build highways, communication systems, schools, agricultural infrastructures and water facilities should be required to hire local labor and train them too, whenever feasible. Think on these thoughts please.

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