The Federal Trade Commission, reality check

Federal Trade Commission Owes Industry and Entrepreneurs an Apology. The Federal Trade Commission’s Consumer Protection Division’s Franchise Group owes the industry and entrepreneurs an apology for their “Piss Poor Performance” additionally those who run the division need to be fired and forfeit their pensions. The problem stems from a grandstanding approach to enforcement and willingness to lie and self aggrandize themselves in cases. Filing false cases often in secret courts, using bad profiling and with coax’ed declarations purporting fraud. This is not opinion as I have proof positive of their abuses of power. How can we allow the Federal Trade Commission to go against the “truth, justice and American way” that they have sworn to uphold? I realize that the entire Federal Trade Commission is considered a “bunch of whores” by industry as they attack corporations to “get fees” often at the request of weaker, poor performing insider competitors at the request of their attorneys.

How can anyone trust such a lying and screwed up agency as they play the “Media Hype Card” and fail to protect the consumer in every single possible industry sector they claim to be concentrating on. Before you go to bat for these scoundrels of the bureaucracy blob, consider this? Identity Theft is at an all time high, SPAM is up 3000% since they started to combat it and there is “NO” fraud in franchising even though the worthless agency has not done anything in over a decade? Think about it. I claim freedom of the press herein and freedom of speech and if the FTC cannot deal with a “Reality Check” it need not exist. I am calling for a two-thirds cut in their budget now and another two-thirds of what is left next year. Let’s whittle this agency into perspective by trimming the fat and the unethical folks in the Franchise Group right away. Government’s job is to protect the people and since the FTC is incompetent and cannot fulfill its mission why are we wasting taxpayers monies on them and giving them any credence at all? Huh? Inquiring minds want to know; fore it is time for the FTC to go.

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