Sodomy is against the law, yet goes on every day across our nation. The vice of buggery is so pervasive in certain regions of our country that even heterosexuals in our population are a risk of contracting AIDS. The human anatomy was not set up for a homo sapiens male penis to enter the rectum of another male; it is not equipped for that function. In Washington D.C. the vice of buggery is so common in the halls of Congress, that it is nearly impossible to tell who has the moral character to lead. Sodomy is against our laws. If we allow Gay Marriage as they have now in the fourth country in the World; Canada recently, then we must first make sodomy legal. Otherwise male homosexuals will be getting married, but not allowed to practice their favorite vice of buggery.

So often government regulators, staffers and politicians will tell us if you do not like the law, change it but “DO NOT” break it. Okay then, fine, but if that is the way we do things in our nation, then they too must follow the laws. Anyone who is suspected of buggery and breaking our sodomy laws, has no right to work for those agencies or officials, who make the law, administer the law or monitor the law. Fair is fair.

If those who suffer psychological issues or sexual problems of this nature, we must either get them help or terminate them from positions where they may also break laws of abuses of power. Indeed, if they cannot seem to follow our laws here, perhaps trips to Canada maybe possible, so they can practice sticking their penis up another man’s rectum where it is perfectly legal and a respected practice. We need those who are in charge to follow the law and be of high moral character and if for some reason they cannot handle that, then maybe they should move to Canada or bring about legislation so they can continue their practice of buggery without breaking the law, think on this.

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