Conspiracy Theory; Kill Off the Old Folks

Recently I met a man in a coffee shop, a conspiracy theorist, which had me cornered and began to get into a way-out conspiracy theory. As I listened to this crazy idea, he complained about all the usual folks. The Skull and Bones, Masonic Faith, Catholic Church, Trilateral Commission, etc., explaining they were all in this together along with the Globalists trying to develop a one-world currency, nation, people, etc. It appears when ever people do not understand something or some group they label them part of the conspiracy.

He pointed to the pension crisis issues with Airlines, Steel Mills, Auto Industry and how the largest corporations of America were fixing to renege on their pension promises. Citing the 15 Billion Dollars in under funded pension contributions of General Motors. He names about 10 or so companies, many of which have been in the news. He said this was just a start and that the United States Government would end up reneging on its pension promises along with the Department of Defense so they could funnel money to large defense contractors for the World War III build up. He was really going over board with the whole thing and how the re-distribution of wealth, pending war and global pandemic would end up killing the week and poor who could not afford or have available any vaccines to stop the spread.

He explained that those powers that be, needed a way to save themselves from the financial crisis that Japan had due to their aging populations. He explained that Europe was next but trying to bring in a younger work force of Muslims and Eastern Europeans to provide the necessary productivity to sustain the aging population and how it was not working very well. He talked about the Mexican influx of illegal aliens. Of course I told him he was nuts, but he certainly got me thinking about the issues and future crisis we face. The N5H1 Bird Flu is serious enough and as it spreads thru human populations it could kill the most “unhealthy” 20% in the world.

He would not let me escape and then told me that we cannot afford to feed the Africans or even stop AIDS and that this was Mother Natures way with a little help from those who run the world of human populations to fix a problem gone out of control which now threatens their power base?

My question to you is; “Where on Earth do these crazy conspiracy theorists come from and why do we allow them to drink coffee?”

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