How Can You Have True Freedom if They Control Every Aspect of Your Life?

Freedom is in the eyes of the beholder. In Communist Countries the populations are told they have a good life and a great life’s purpose, supporting the country and leadership with a much needed and important job. In Capitalistic countries in the current period we find most of the nation’s inhabitants completely economically enslaved in debt.

How can one be free if every aspect of their life is controlled? The more humans you put into an ever-increasing density, the more rules you must make to keep control of the group. Then you have to watch for subgroups and trends or self forming human organizations challenging your authority and labeling the leadership or rule makers whether elected or not; “unfit to lead,” this will lead to conflict. Such conflict leads to a further tightening and reduction of liberty or freedom. Yet if careful those in power are able to quickly remind the masses that such additional laws are in their best interest and to maintain safety and freedom. This works fine as long as there is “Buy In” from those being controlled. Often the gift of diplomacy, i.e. “The art of letting someone else get your way” then must come into play. In the “Prince” and as per Machiavellian theory it states that it is best to be “Loved and Respected” over “Feared and Respected” although either of those will allow you to stay in power.

Those who control the civilization desire to remain “Loved and Respected” as it makes leadership very easy and is safer for their longevity in a nation which is democratic by nature; i.e. leaders are voted into service and leadership capacity. Getting an entire population to go along with perceived freedom instead of actual freedom means one retains their “Loved and Respected” status and the civilization can move forward with the plans of those powers to be. When the masses become too restless, problems arise and embroiled societies rebel against the status quo for a perceived possible better future or utopia; in our present period such sound and fury which might cause such uprising is more often than not caused by mass media in sighted hysteria and a created reality that those who control such media wish to purport.

A free man in any nation should often ask himself; am I really free and from their can decide; “Where he wants to go today?” Think on this.

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