We Must Register AIDS Carriers and Homosexual Men

It is a law that we register deadly weapons with the authorities. It is a law that if you are a black belt in a Martial Art, that you must register your hands as a deadly weapon in many states. In fact if you are in a fight and hurt someone, you will be charged with aggravated assault because you know how to use your limbs to kill. Well then if you are a homosexual male with a promiscuous displacement as most are by nature, then shouldn’t one in that case register their member? This may sound like some sort of funny comment, registering one’s sexual organ as a deadly weapon, although if a person with AIDS knowingly has sex with another, that is in fact attempted murder, therefore AIDS Carriers should be registered. These registered names should be on the Internet for all to see in the local area incase they attempt to pick someone up at a bar and so that if someone is to use the online dating methods, the other party can check to see if their potential homosexual date has the virus ahead of any meeting.

We need to register the high-risk people in our society who are most likely to contract and spread AIDS. Someone who is bi-sexual can introduce AIDS into the heterosexual populations, where it will spread and kill those in a much lower risk category. We need AIDS lists of Homosexuals for online dating, so that those who choose to do online dating or best prefer such methods of meeting people can quickly and effortlessly cross reference the persons name to see if they are infected.

In many nations we see the AIDS epidemic out of control. As the Homosexual movement becomes socially acceptable we will have a much tougher time controlling it in the United States, we must be sure to stop the spread of AIDS and of course work diligently on a cure simultaneously. Those who have AIDS should do what is right and volunteer to put themselves on the list for the benefit of all. Those who refuse must be forced onto the list to prevent the intentional spreading of the disease. Think on this, it is a highly unpopular view, but one we must consider to prevent the spread of this deadly disease.

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