The Cost of the COLD WAR

Many people who are expert in the issue of the Oswald’s rifle are able to clearly demonstrate that the best marksman in the world could not have done what that one rifle was supposed to have done. I suppose once the story was manufactured they had to stick with it before they knew about the ricochet and other evidence. On forums and in debates with serious people who have studied all facets of the case I have never had anyone stand behind the fact that this one bullet ended up in such a pristine condition. They say things like ? ‘That was obviously a planted piece of evidence.’ I then say things such as this.

If they can allow Ruby the kind of freedom in a police building that I saw as a youngster, they are capable of having done many fabrications in the effort to confuse and mislead the American people. If they placed fake evidence on the body of JFK and told the coroner not to do his usual job, they broke laws that would land anyone in prison. Thus when I hear a trained assassination squad person at Camp Le Jeune come forward after he has left the forces and is no longer either afraid of reprisals or considers the matter de-classified, I listen. I listen when the son of a Dallas policeman who is dead tells me that his father was on the grassy knoll and saw the triangulation team member take the vital shot.

The American people had a totally false impression of JFK and indeed the American people are generally gutless sheep who are willing to accept this kind of government due to the fact that most of them know where their bread is buttered. They cannot honestly say they do not know the US has been behind numerous enforced and fraudulent businesses that allow America to be the recipient of the largesse it enjoys. It started with the outright immoral invasion of the land of people whose culture was far better and at least as advanced as European culture. They used bioweapons and disease with intent. The pork-barreling cronyism that is all over America has allowed people to re-elect whoever brings their district the most shares o these spoils of immoral actions conducted by their agents in the armies and secret operations so they turn a blind eye to the facts.

The End of the Cold War Could Cost:

The ‘dismal science’ of economics with its ‘trickle-down’ or ‘voodoo economics’ as well as Keynesian wastefulness is defended by many to this day. They believe in full employment rather than efficient employment of technology just as Rome used slaves rather than technology. The Hobbesian or Machiavellian ‘appeals to base human urges’ (Il Principe) are behind this Neoplatonic hierarchial oligarchy or Synarchy but I have done many other books on these things.

Please, just think of your own family budget and how stupid it is to spend money blowing up and destroying things just so you have something to fix or work at fixing. The massive over-building of deserts full of helicopters and airplanes come to mind. Truman sold the Russians a whole air force at scrap value shortly after having gotten the American people to go along with increasing the defence budget in a time of Peace. He had said bad things about the Russians while cajoling Congress to authorize these black and horrid spending measures that Eisenhower later warned us about. Make work programs might cause greater employment but just imagine what could be achieved if productive and educational efforts had been taken rather than the whole Cold War. A War on Poverty and Ignorance would have lead to free energy and no need for planned obsolescence and all the other wasteful programs of these economic ONE PIE schools of thought.

There are people who argue that re-distribution of assets or the seizure of ill-gotten gains is communistic and counter-productive. I could argue that it is not counter-productive, but there is no need to re-distribute the wealth held by the rich except in cases where they continue to operate in immoral fashion. We should tax churches that diminish women and children and we should close loop-holes throughout the world so that the super-rich are paying their fair share of taxes while we cut bureaucracy and encourage productive use of the human asset pool and other resources. The Club of Rome, Bucky Fuller and many futurists have described sensible alternatives to these ONE PIE ideologies.

I think JFK intended to make real change quicker than his Merovingian bosses felt comfortable with. They saw the profits they were making from more war and they knew they were gaining greater control over the world economy. This was the ‘cost’ that had to be addressed. They acted to end his life rather than end the Cold War that JFK and Khrushchev had agreed to do. Nelson Rockefeller took his first trip to Moscow the day before Nikita was sent packing. I think this was no coincidence even though I do think the book called None Dare Call It Conspiracy was a politically motivated sensationalistic piece of the Hegelian plot. Again I remind you of what FDR said ? ‘If it happened, it was planned.’ I have many similar quotes from Yeltsin, Bismarck and even from the horse’s (Rothschild) mouths. I know Chomsky is right about Canada being a satellite state and when I say American people are ignorant I include all the satellite states and people that this New World Order economic hegemony has wrought.

I remind my brother and other intelligent people who I argue these points with, that the Cathars demonstrated a working model for proper governance. I remind people that before Empire there was a Brotherhood that Jesus (and JFK) or other wise people inside the hegemony have given their lives for. I do indeed specify details that they often have never heard and I give them the references to back it up.

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