Al-Qaida has Nukes

Many believe Al-Qaida already has nukes in the United States and there is substantial reason to believe that they are nearly in place now. But how were they able to get them here in the first place? Thru our porous borders with Mexico, but did the International Terrorists have the bombs smuggled across Mexico border by MS-13 gangsters? An organization, which is growing at 200 new members per week with over an estimated 10,000 current members, sounds scary doesn’t it? This is why Department of Homeland Security is so worried and you should be too. It might be a good idea to stock up on potassium iodide for your family’s medicine cabinet now. It is not hard to get and not too expensive, but one would have to wager that supplies would run out fast in the case of a nuclear detonation or many simultaneous detonations at once. One large nuclear weapon strategically placed in a high-density area could kill millions of Americans.

Perhaps we should do a pre-emption on Mecca now, before they hit us or plan to send in 20-megatons worth within 4-6 hours of a United States detonation by Al Qaida? In documents, which were captured from Al Qaida in a play called the “American Hiroshima” it stated to have several locations go off simultaneously. MS-13 has so many members to catch to find out who is who and what they know it could take months and some believe that time is running out and we may not have that many months left now.

But where could Bin Laden’s group get such WMD? That is the easy part as former Soviet Union personal are said to have sold 40 nuclear weapons such as suitcase nukes, nuclear mines, artillery shells and missile warheads and no one knows who has them or where they are. If they are for sale on the black market it is probable that Al Qaida got a few or many as they do have the money to buy them.

Some believe that since the average Al Qaida member has an IQ of less than 95, that they will make a mistake and get caught, but others assume that the WMD sold do come with former Russian Assistants from the Special Forces of Spetznaz. The suitcase nukes could have gotten into the United States via Chechen terrorist allies, who simply put them in backpacks and jogged over the border or paid US border patrol who might have assumed they were drug smugglers go by for a small personal pay off fee.

Some also believe that MS-13, which is in the business of smuggling may have smuggled many insurgents into the US for fees ranging from $30,000 to $50,000 in cash. Most in the International Intelligence Community believe that Al Qaida has obtained nuclear weapons and that the number is somewhere between 6 to 70; this is why Potassium Iodide might be a good thing to have on hand, no matter where you live in the United States. Meanwhile it behooves us to take out Mecca now, and deport anyone of the Islamic Faith who speaks ill of our civilization, culture or people. Too harsh; perhaps, but if something happens it sure will not sound so harsh now will it? Think on this.

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