Jihad Will Continue

The Jihad against the Western World will continue. It will also continue against the Eastern World next. Why is this happening; why do they continually plan to attack innocent life? Why are they using this weapon against others? Why are they using their religion to build their International Terrorist Teams and recruit suicide Jihadists? Well the answer to the question is because it works. The Jihad works and many are folding their hand. Mass Media hysteria and fear have taken their toll on weak peoples of many countries, who are surrendering their freedoms and their civilization’s forward progression to this simplest of tactics. Spain in the Madrid Bombings caved into International Terrorism, they should have never done that. Such a back track will not save them from future attacks and it certainly assists the Jihadists in their war on the civilized world.

If you truly wish to stop the Jihadists from murdering innocent civilians then, we, yes we as a World must stand firm in our commitment and not give into their demands. We must fight fire with fire and kill the International Terrorists. We must tell the World that if there is an attack from Islamic Fundamentalists in the United States or on British Soil then Mecca will receive a 20-Mega Ton Nuclear Weapon during the next pilgrimage. This is NOT very politically correct, however once we do this we will solve two-issues. One, that we mean business and don’t screw with us and two, there is a good reason why Nuclear Weapons treaties exist and why we do not want them to have them. Perhaps if they see what nuclear weapons can do, they will think twice about trying to manufacture them. We should not tolerate roadside bombs, Refinery attacks, Bio-Terrorism, transportation system suiciders or anything of the kind. Fair is fair, if Islam cannot take care of its own, perhaps we should simply take care of Islam. If that means 1.1 Billion people need to be removed from this present period because they will not take care of their own problematic folks, so be it. We have a World population problem, may as well kill two-birds with a single stone? That certainly is not very nice, I realize, but neither is blowing innocent people up in the Bali, 6-11, or 9-11 attacks. Think about it and stop being such a whimp.

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